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That's right!
I will write about ANYTHING so tell me! what do you want?
as long as it follows site rules I'll write it!
This idea came to me while browsing /b/
so in the comments ask anything!
im not good at erotic clop btw so none o' dat

Ahem, sorry usually I'm able to keep my grammar under control.
But yea, I will and can write some comedy, romance, random
(Preferably random/comedy

Once I think this group out more I will organize into "Random the Comedy"

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Here's an idea you can write:

Title: Magitek Assassins

Premise: In another realm where science and magic coexist, there's this organization who's performing countless of brutal experiments on a group of youths. Their purpose? To make the perfect living weapon to rule their army in order defend their world. They want to make weapons that are deadly but are also easy to control. But to do that, they need a leader for this living weapon army. So far, they have a group of minors that they have experimented on and they all have succeeded. But they don't know which one of them is worthy.

They decide the best way to choose which one will make the perfect leader, is to have the labrats fight each other in another field until there is only one left. And the winner, not only gets to become leader of the organizations army, but they also get scanned and duplicated so that all the other living weapons will be just like them, making the perfect army. So the organization launches the experiment and sends the group to another world. What world you may ask? Equestria of course!

There, each combatant must make a pact with either a group or a lone individual to become their "Partner(s)". They can't fight on their own and need someone to be able to control them in a fight. How do they do this? The player must give their partner a mask, and when the partner puts it on, their essence becomes transferred into the labrats body, giving them control of their bodies. The labrats are referred to as "Magitek Assassins" and each one must have at least one partner helping them fight. Each MA has a different ability, weather they can summon hand guns, control snakes, fire lightning orbs, etc.

There's only three ways to defeat another MA: destruction of the partners mask, decapitation, or impaling them at their cores. Enter Icarus, a moody teen who finds everything stupid, from musicals to politics to anything girly, who avoids making friends for his own reasons and just wants to get this experiment over with. He runs into the mane 6 and seeing how their the only group around, he's forced to become partners with them.
After they make the pact, he describes his situation and how he's part of an experiment and the mane 6 are surprised and disturbed by it.

He describes how the experiments gave him cool abilities, stopped him from aging, and how he has to have someone control him if he wants to win the game and get out of their world. One of the mane 6 decides to wear the mask on the first run and is shocked to see that their in his body and able to control his movements. Along the way other players run into different characters, such as Trixie, the CMC, and even some Changelings, and they all basically have to fight each other if they want the ultimate prize. It also follows Icarus on how he's trying to cope with this new world and how he discovers that maybe not everything is entirely stupid, including friendship. Thoughts?

To be honest I like a lot of what you written down.
But I'm looking for ideas that could be a maximum of 6 chapters.
And I don't feel like that talented of a writer for some of those, but I will definitely write down the ideas you've presented and either put them in a miscellaneous folder here, or in my stories folder at my user page.
Again thanks for the ideas I will put them out there but in the far future what with me being a slow typer. :twilightsmile:

Edit: I'm on the net until 5:30 tonight( I live in Los Angelas)
And I will be working on my comedy, Pinkie Pie! So when I'm done writing the first chapter please ask away! P.S i dont have internet at my house so I will be writing at home or whenever I can and then upload whatever the result later. Thanks for the Ideas every one!


Hmmm? Looks like I might have been giving you too much adventure, considering you like comedy and Random.


Here's an idea that is extremely strange. I guess it's morbid curiosity.

Title: What If MLP: FIM was bad?

you rewrite the episodes in a way that is completely obnoxious, not because it's not fun to read but because either the characters are out-of-character, the plot is contrived, the episode contradicts itself, or the moral is stupid.

The idea is what if Hasbro went with the idea 'that a children's show can do whatever, because children's stories are never good'.

Tags: Alternate Universe.

No gore, violence, sex, shipping, romance, or cursing. Make it like the writers wanted to make it actually a kid's show. That, and I don't like that stuff anyway.


Have you read Asylum by Daemon Of Decay?

How about a fic where Canon Rainbow Dash woke up in Broadhoof where the doctors and nurses claim she has an extreme case of Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and the doctors also claim they have given RD a new treatment that is supposed to reduce her anger tenfold but one side effect is extreme amnesia.

Rainbow Dash however claims she has never been admitted in Broadhoof and that she is the element of loyalty, and that a shadow monster (sort of a cross between The Smooze, The Nothing from The Never Ending Story, and Sombra) has eaten her and all of ponyville and it's up to her to stop it and get her friends home somehow.

It's basically Asylum but with Rainbow Dash instead of Twilight as the focus character.

Tags: Dark, Sad, maybe Adventure

Again, no gore, sex, violence, cursing, or shipping.


Twilight Sparkle tried out a new skill with her powers and accidentally sends Rainbow Dash into the world of My Little Pony Tales. RD has to stay with Sweetheart and her folks as a guess while not being seen by the other ponies of this universe (they have never seen a pegasus before, it would be like a winged woman came into our world). Meanwhile Twilight has to figure out how to get RD back.

Will RD survive living in such a universe?

Tags: Crossover, maybe Comedy and Slice Of Life.

No sex, gore, shipping, cursing, but you may insult the romance in MLP Tales VIA RD thinking these fillies are complete idiots.


A group of Pegasi called 'The Hurricanes' want to reestablish the Pegasi military traditions from back when Commander Hurricane was alive.

Tags: Adventure.

(takes place after the Royal Wedding and before The Crystal Empire) An enemy has brainwashed Celestia to have the elements thrown into the dungeon. Shining Armor discovers what is going on and goes to free them, but only succeeds with Twilight. Twilight escapes to the Everfree Forest where she finds 7 humans. One wields a staff, one wields a dagger, one wields an animal skull hatchet and a log shield, another wields a bow and arrow set, another a sling, another a spear, and the other has a deer antler spear. These seven humans agree to help save Celestia and thus all of Equestria.

Tags: Adventure, Human.

No Gore, etc.

A HIE fic where humans have come to the ponies' planet via spaceships and have taken over all of Equestria except The Crystal Empire and Canterlot which they have both under siege. Canterlot is in a shield (like in Canterlot Wedding) the shield is powered by Twilight, Celestia, and Luna each taking turns holding the shield up; and The Crystal Heart is protecting the Crystal Empire from the surrounding human army.

It's a meme similar to Redwall season 1.

Tags: Adventure, Human.

Please keep the action nonviolent,;and no gore, shipping, sex etc.


The plants, animals, clouds, sun, moon, and stars in Equestria all out of nowhere start handling themselves all on their own. The ponies have to findout why, how and how to end this 'chaos'.

Tags: Comedy, Adventure.


A group of Earthponies called 'The Equalists' want to turn all pegasi, unicorns, alicorns, bat-ponies into earthponies and overthrow Celestia and Luna.

Tags: Adventure.

No you-know-whats :eeyup:


A Group of unicorns called 'The Supremes' want to overthrow Celestia and Luna and turn Equestria into Unicornia. The Supremes believe other races besides unicorns are inferior and have no other purpose in life than to serve unicorns.

Tags: Adventure.


Applejack realizes she has a bad habit of being partial (Bridle Gossip and Over A Barrel AJ was the ringleader against Zecora and the buffalo, and Somepony To Watch Over Me and Bridle Gossip AJ actually believed her little sister was practically a baby) and AJ becomes so upset about finding out about this that she goes into a state of depression until Twilight counsels her.

Tags: Sad, Slice Of Life.


I'd appreciate it if magic was used as minimal as possible. Personally I say it's not 'magic' it's radiation in their atmosphere that enables unicorns to do it. The creator of The Dark Knight doesn't like magic and neither do I.

:pinkiegasp: IDEEEAAAAAA :raritystarry: PINKIE PIE IS THE GRIM REAPER+Could you write a story about a banana who is eaten and is really discord and kills the pony who eats apples because logic+? And don't forget the sea battle!?


I thought you'd never ask! :trollestia::ajsmug:

355294 And don't forget the sea battle!

So...and please correct if I'm wrong...
A story about a banana, who is actually discord, gets eaten by a pony...and then proceeds to kill said pony that ate him? :rainbowhuh:

Could you write a story about a banana who is eaten and is really discord and kills the pony who eats apples because logic?

I'll do that


if you use them message me some time! :twilightsmile:

Hey those actually seem good! I'll flesh one of those out some time today! :twilightsmile:

well if you'd like to see some clop then gimme some ideas
I only said that at first beacause im not good at clop



RARITY IS....BLIND!!! :pinkiecrazy:





>I'll write anything
>won't write clopfiction.
Right... Anything... :moustache:

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