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First of, tags. These will be an important part of the threads in this group.

Tags show what kind of thread it is, and warn the forum users what they're about to get into. The tags are listed below.

A tag in curly brackets ({}) is a required tag, if it's that kind of post. A tag in normal brackets ([]) is an optional tag. A tag in parentheses (()) is a tag either you made, or someone besides me or an admin.

{OT}: Use this tag for off topic posts, that don't have much (or anything) to do with music.

{AD}: For threads dedicated to advertising your music.

{IA}: For inappropriate music. (I.E. A lot of swearing, racist/sexist/homophobic lyrics, etc.)
If you swear frequently in the post, put the tag in as well.

{RT}: For report threads. Is there someone we missed? Do you believe someone broke a rule? Post one of these, with a link to the thread, and we'll deal with it.

[MLP]: For MLP music, obviously.

[NMLP]: For non-MLP music.

If you can think of more tags, optional OR required, feel free to post them below. I'll look them over, and add them as I see fit.

There are only a few rules, but they are important.

1: Use the appropriate tags. Failure to do so may result in deletion of threads.

2: Do not post spam. Your thread will be deleted if you do.

3: Do not hate on other people, If we see you do this even once, you will get banned from the group.

4: Do not advertise STORIES. That is what the Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau is for. If your song was included in a story (That you did not write), you may mention it or leave a link to it.

5: No RP threads. It's against server rules, and it's annoying...

6: Do not link to any mature rated stories, as it to is against the rules.

7: POSTING PORN OR LINKS TO PORN WILL BE AN INSTANT BAN. Don't do it, it's against server rules, it's against our rules, and it's disgusting. Go find another site to do shit like that.

Extra info:

The rules will occasionally be updated. If I update them, I will say in the forums that I have.

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