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This is a group where all stories should be fanfics of filly Twilight- FreakishlyDashly out

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Ive been thinking about deleting the group and making one about Vocaloid
im not so sure about it, but gonna make one bout vocaloid right now i need ur opinions about deleting Filly Twili:moustache:

352237 random followed u

hm? whats this button?
O_O I have the opyion to leave my own group....xD

Hey gemstone, do u plan on writing any filly twilight stories?
also, if u know other people on fimfiction, could inform them of this group?

Lol im acting just plain helpless xD


only thing better is cheerilee......possiblely
(as a filly):coolphoto:

I'm sorry to everypony else, but filly Twily is the cutest thing ever. :rainbowkiss:

just wondering, do u know anyone with a fimfiction account whod like to join? cause I dont:fluttercry:

I will :twilightsmile: I am rlly happy to do it!

Hello! Thank you for joining my group! Do you plan on writing any stories for it? Tell all your FIMFiction friends, anyone can join!:pinkiehappy:

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