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About 2 years ago I watched it and didn't quite get it. More recently I saw it again and it simply blew me away.

I suppose it's a discussion thread I want here? I mean, not a circlejerk thread or a "yeah I liked/nah I didn't like it" thread, but a proper discussion. Exactly how to get this started, considering there's so much to talk about, is perhaps a bit beyond my reach but maybe this video could act some kind of a starting point:

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ive been meaning to rewatch eva...the first time i saw it was when i was in 8th grade some...10 or so years ago i think. since i was so young i all...and i sorta hated it. so yeah i know i'd probably love it now but since it leaves such a bad taste in my mouth i havent been able to get back to it.

ANYWAY...mostly im just happy you watch digibro as well i've been watching his videos for about a month now and i think he does a good job. I've been avoiding his eva videos for after i eventually break down and rewatch eva.

its odd that back when i saw eva i didnt relate to shinji at all despite being a similar age but now that im an adult i do relate to shinji a lot.

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