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For me, it's Black Butler. I love this for the setting in the Victorian Era, the supernatural atmosphere, and the character of Grell Sutcliff.

What's yours?

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wow...I am NOT getting notefications...I should have seen and replied to bad...

my favorite anime??? Well for awhile when it was coming out it was Kill La Kill but now that I've done a lot of reflecting I'd have to say it's Kino no Tabi (either the novel or the anime...both are great).

Honestly, Kino no Tabi inspires me in everything I create. It is possibly the best bit of world building I have ever beheld and the parable-like story telling is both interesting and thought/emotion provoking.

I've yet to see Black Butler but I've been told on multiple occasions that it's a good anime so I'll have to give it watch some time

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