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This group has been quiet for too long, so let's get some discussion going.

The chart for the anime spring season is out, so what are you guys going to watch? Personally, I like the look of these:
Isshuukan Friends (It sounds sweet, even though it's an idea that's been done before.)
Mushishi Zoku Shou (I haven't seen the original series, but hopefully I'll be able to go straight into this.)
Ping Pong (It has the same director as Kaiba, so I'll give it a go.)
And, of course, I'll keep watching Space Dandy. EDIT: Wait, no I won't. It already finished.

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I'll probably watch Hanamonogatari but I actually have to catch up because the only part of the "Monogatari" series I've watched is Bakemonogatari (as a side note, I'd really love to read it but the translation isn't going anywhere).

I miiiiiiight watch Keroro because I was a fan of Keroro Gunsou and this looks like...a remake I guess????? But if I do it probably won't be hardcore, every week on the edge of my seat or anything.

I saw some screenshots of Ping Pong I think and the style really reminded me more of Tekkonkinkreet so maybe it's both Tekkonkinkreet and Kaiba, WHICH would be awesome. On the other hand I care zero about ping pong. I might give it a shot though.

That's about it for me but I usually see an anime or two get popular on tumblr and if it seems interesting I'll give it a look but I won't know that until the season is a few weeks in.

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