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I'll get straight to the point.

Most fics I've read put the changeling society to a negative light. I see them often being one era back in technology, using feral and primal societal forms, corrupt to the bone governments e.t.c.

Generally I see changelings used as an excuse for people to go all "Darker and Edgier". While I am not necessarily against it I've grown bored of reading the casual "Changeling society is bad/hive mind oppression" fics that depict the ponies as saints in comparison and generally put the ponies at the feet of "Pony Master Race" while the changelings in general are pictured as Chrysalis's
"Henchmen" "Servant race" or "Clone Army" call them whatever you want. Giving the excuse for the few "Special little snowflakes" to deviate and lead the way to the merciful ponies.

Now this isn't a thread about how about you're wrong or stuff. In fact there are fics out there that are quite interesting to read in that perspective, and I certainly don't shut myself from reading them. But at times... I get tired.

So I am looking for something "Interesting" per say... to read. I am looking for stories, or at least YOUR interpretation of a changeling society that is admirable.

Do they practice philosophy? Arts? Do they use the hivemind as a family? Does solidarity work with them? Are the changelings superior and why?

When you respond to this thread do reply to this post so i get notifications. I will also likely copypaste this thread somewhere else.

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