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For those of us who's just a story!

So calm your crotchtitties!

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Nope, I have not encountered this person yet.
Just, from what you're saying so far, it sounds like it could be entertaining.


So you know who she is?

I'm still kinda new to fimfiction, so when I heard people talking about a person named Chatoyence, I investigated.

Did not like what I found.

I figured, if there was anyone who could talk back to her, it would have been you.

And I reiterate, you're the grandmaster of debating.

None that I recall.
Sounds like I might like to, though.


Say, have you ever had any spirited debates with Chatoyence?


Well, your statements were a thousand times better than anything I would have been able to come up with.


I try.

As for being a 'grandmaster of debate', heh... It's not hard when debating on that topic. Perhaps some day, I'll come across a dedicated and worthy opponent, and then a mighty battle will ensue. :trollestia: Perhaps not.

But hey, arguing with people freed me from the clutches of organized crime religion, and I consider it my duty to help others in the same way. :moustache:


Ok, so I decided to read all of your comment pages to see where the argument started.

And I was very amused!

You must be a grandmaster in debating because you took everything that guy said and threw it right back in his face!

And as an athiest, I cant help but feel a little warm inside and call this a victory.


Just went to the link and...WOW! Some people really have a stick up their ass, don't they!?

I said I didn't like it.

Gotta be the comments I got on

I never knew I could go to hell for writing a story before! :facehoof:

So, tell me, what was the funniest over reaction to a story that you've ever seen?

I prefer to hear stories of temper tantrums by obsessed fans. Those are the funniest!

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