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I'm game for some of the fandom theories for both Fallout and Fallout Equestria together.

Such as why the Aliens of Mothership Zeta are seemingly interested in collecting the Giddyup Buttercup robot ponies.

Maybe, ponies sealed within some Stable had a Megaspell hit them at the same time that a nuclear warhead landed in the same dimensional space on Earth, creating a type of wormhole that caused the Stable to be partway pulled between Equestria and the United States: acting as a semi-impromptu bridge between the worlds. That these Stable Dwellers actually had access to Power Armor technology from their world and that the Aliens of Mothership Zeta actually held views of the equine as a deity back wherever they came from 300 years ago (Kinda how people in India view the Cow as a sacred animal), and that it might be to them one intelligence spreading itself across multiple forms (like how 343 Guilty Spark from Halo-Franchise possibly did with Humanity/Reclaimers)?

Or how about this mindF*CK? The Andrew Sisters, who were a WWII WAC Trio of singers whose songs include "Bongo Bongo Bongo" (And "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" when you add-on the GNR Enhanced Mod) From Fallout 3, what if this trio in Pre-War America was actually the Sirens from the Rainbow Rocks Movie? Having been sent to another world, chances are this might happen regardless. Setting themselves up as a popular trio of singers attracting the attention of whomever listened to their music, earning plenty of prestige and recognition, and the fact that they're possibly immortal (IDK, haven't seen the Rainbow Rocks movie or the one before that, or a matter-of-fact anything past Magical Mystery Cure yet)

Stew these thoughts in your heads and come back to me with a brilliant retort...
or maybe...

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