these beings my dear friend are called homo-sapians (Humans in equestria) 168
Aurthor of the month (april) 4
Author of the month (august) 5
Author of the month (July) 7
Author of the month (June) 10
Author of the month (May) 1
Author of the month (September) 3
Bill go without me the hugs there just to much for me (cuddels) 3
call me sadistic but i just love the gore (Horror) 25
Do you smell chocholate Jack? (Ponyfall) 2
Don't be that way Jack the world has maybe ended but all our costumers are still out there (Fallout:equstria) 5
every choice you have been faced with has an effect no matter how small that choice was my dear (altrente world) 107
everybody are nothing but pawns in this grand game of chess between gods (CGOTG) 6
ha ha i'm going to hell for laughing at that aren't i (tragedy) 16
I don't rembear humans acting so evil (league of humans acting villainous) 12
i shall hand thou fine maiden the red rose of my undying love (Romance) 71
I'm sorry Celestia i'm afraid i can't let you do that (Conversion bureau stories) 8
Jack did you leave the portal open agein? (Crossover) 117
Jack dose equestria look diffrent to you (humanized/antrho) 66
Jack's privete collection (clopfics) 18
my dear life is an alcholic that dropped all the cards on the floor (Slice of life) 94
not every book needs a good ending my dear (sad fic) 37
oh by the great beings that funny (comady) 167
Sometime treasure like this get overlooked but hey more for me(underrated) 11
sometime you can't just help but enjoy some of this shit Bill (guilty pleasures) 10
sometimes a single bullet is more powerfull than any army (one-shots) 35
the adventure of your many life times awaits in this section (Second person stories) 7
Well i personaliy recomend these stories if you want my opinion (My favorites stories) 42
well i think that evens the scales don't you agree Jack (league of humans acting heroically) 27
well this different don't you agree Jack (Dark) 77
well what do you recomend? (your submissions) 26
you know what time it is right? Thats right Its ADVENTURE TIME 110
you're right Discord sometime life needs a little chaos (random) 63