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Group Admin

The Royal Guard is recruiting! We’re always trying to add new members to our team, so if you think you meet the standards below, feel free to send us your application!

Job Description
A Royal Guard prereader must be able to:
1.) Understand the boundary between objective, technical errors and subjective, content-based problems.
2.) Work in a group setting while being able to resolve personal issues on the side.
3.) Capably identify and explain a majority of problems found in any given story.
4.) Communicate with authors and group members in a respectful and informative manner.
5.) Uphold a certain reputation of respectability and/or certain basic courtesy within the FIMFiction community when speaking as a member of The Royal Guard.

Application Procedure
A reviewer application will consist of four steps. First, you will need to write up a résumé and submit it to our FimFiction account. You can find a sample résumé here.

If your résumé is accepted, you will then be administered a reviewing test comprising a grammar section and a short answer/essay section. The former will explore the bounds of your technical and mechanical knowledge and grades on accuracy. The latter segment will include questions on techniques and concepts important in writing and editing and will be more generally graded.

Should you pass this test with a high enough score (a perfect score is not required), you will be given three stories to pass or fail as you see fit. You will be expected to justify your decision with examples from the text while keeping to the principles exemplified in our Prereader's Omnibus. Reviews will be graded on the number of Omnibus-labelled issues (e.g. Emotional Exposition, Poor Pacing, Punctuation Misuse, etc.) that the applicant is able to identify and explain in each given story. Points will be subtracted for incorrect or unhelpful reviews. Be as critical as possible; if you think something might be an issue, list it.

An applicant successful in all three steps will then be invited for a brief interview—preferably over Skype—during which they will be introduced to several members of the existing team. The purpose of this stage is not to evaluate your ability to “click” with the group, but rather to remove any final doubts to your qualifications.

The focus of this process is not on personality, history, or public image, but on merit and professionalism. If you are a capable person, we will be happy to take you. Note that if you are rejected, it is not meant as an insult to your worth as a person or writer. You are welcome to apply once more at a later date after polishing your reviewing and/or writing skills. You may also appeal your rejection should you feel it to be unfair.

If you have any questions, please direct them to our Fimfiction account. We will be happy to help you out. Good luck!

K, I guess I'll try it or something.

Group Admin

Hey, folks. Just a reminder that we're still looking to expand our prereading staff.

At present, we're struggling to keep up with the volume of submissions we're receiving. This is causing big delays in the process. If you're interested in contributing and think you can uphold the standards listed above, please send us an application.

Group Contributor

Well, I'd kinda be interested in helping out (assuming I pass the test), but I don't know about requirement two of the job description. Whether or not I try depends on the amount of time it'll end up up being. How much is expected of a pre-reader?

Group Admin

We're not very strict. We're happy to have qualified people on board and contributing whenever they're able, even if it's not a lot. Some of our PRs process fifteen to twenty submissions per week, and others only process one or two. Every little bit helps.

3335770 I saw that if you pass the test you do skype to meet the rest of the team via skype. Is that necessary or can it be passed up? I don't know if I'd be able to pass, but I don't do skype or any of that stuff...:fluttercry:

Group Admin

Skype is our primary method of maintaining contact with one another. It is a requirement.

Group Admin

Hello, everyone! I'm bumping this thread again because we are still looking for new prereaders—now more than ever, in fact. You may have noticed the recent delays in our postings; well, we've been somewhat short-staffed as of late. So, if you think you've got editorial ability and some time to spare, please apply! You'll be able to interact with some of the best authors on the site, and sharpen your own skills in the process. Give it a shot!


A Royal Guard prereader must be able to:

I believe you missed

7.) Make time to actually read through a bunch of stories :pinkiecrazy:

Group Admin

Hi, folks!

I'd just like to remind everyone that The Royal Guard is still looking to expand its prereading staff. We like to think we're a pretty cool bunch, and we love meeting new people. If you're interested in finding and spotlighting the best stories on the site, bringing well-deserved recognition to skilled authors, helping those who are still developing their skills, and hanging out with other knowledgeable folks in a friendly environment, perhaps you'll consider following the directions in this handy document and sending us an application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or via PM.

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Group Admin

Once again, TRG would like to point out that we're always looking to take on new PRs. If you have some knowledge to share, a desire to contribute to the community, and some free time, please consider sending us an application.

Thanks, folks!

Cerulean Voice
Group Contributor

I just want you to know that

some free time

is the only, only thing stopping me from applying.

I applied. I'm not good enough. That's fair. I freely admit my grasp of the rules of the English language is a bit rusty.

I feel like I might one day want to apply for this. It really does feel like an established purpose, unlike editing with its freelance style work.

Whoever wrote the Prereader's Omnibus needs to pat themselves on the back. It really was an informative guide.

Group Admin

We're always happy to get new applicants. If you have any questions about what we do or how we do it, please don't hesitate to ask.

See, here's the thing. I consider myself to be a good art critic, and I actually moderated the entire fanworks section of a Pokémon fansite essentially by myself for years. However, my grammar skills are merely good, not exceptional. I fear I'm not quite up to snuff. :twilightblush: Should I apply anyway, or not bother?

From someone who's been in similar review groups (caveat: not this one): applications never hurt! Just have some of your previous work linked and let them decide. Reviews, feedback you've given, analysis, all that jazz. Since you're not editing, only judging, you probably don't need that big a dealio on grammar anyways.


I figured. The problem is that I don't really have any good examples yet. Maybe I'll write a few random reviews for people first.

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