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As for Champagne, she's trying to depose Celestia and Luna so Blueblood can rise as king. And then there is how sincere she may or may not be as the leader of the Purehooves. Being NMM would simply be the cherry on her cake.

As for Orange Box, she considers that Rarity is guilty of her mother's dead, and hates DJ every bit as much.

And there's that BonBon has gone completely batty. Could she have gone this bat-shit crasy precisely due to having been possesed?

You know, I'm starting to think these mares are red herrings. Isn't it possible that Minty's filly may have developed a grudge against her aunt by constantly witnessing her mom's ate and pain over her older biological sister?

As to the last chapter of Book 1, we have two conclusions:
The Nightmare did use several hosts.

One of these hosts was Orange Box.

I'm betting that at least two of the remaining hosts of Nightmare Moon are Minty and Bon Bon

And the mystery deepens . . .

well it was orange box now the new one bon bon was in marehatten , champagne dream is in Honolulu so that leaves star swirl as the new boss and champagne as the final boss.

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