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Because I'm sure you all have ideas you want to see in the AAGverse.

Lasers, Cyborgs, Railguns, the clever use of portals and gravity spells to make a beam of boiling iron, chainsaws, Car-Fu, Tank-Fu, Explosions, Battleships. Space, short skirts, Fluttershy adopting a spider family, Wanderer D, Knighty, Hammer Time, Miniguns, High Explosives, Penguin sledding, Cactus Juice (it's the quenciest [TM]), buffalo, Thunderstorm Cannon, Tornado Launcher, Acid Rain bombing, Bunnies, Kittens, Cheeseburgers, Milk, Party Hard, Party All Night, Tardis, Faust using Email, Greg using E-mail, Screwball throwing screwballs, Screw Loose playing baseball, Screw Loose working as a demolitions expert by removing screws, Discord in a maid outfit, Tentacle/Vine Monster in Fluttershy's garden, Fireworks, WAFF, D'aww, Magic, Black Holes, Relativity, Clones, Party Time, Adventure Time, Dance Dance Revolution, Ghosts, Gravity Falls, Robots, R2-D2, Double Rainbow, Duck Face, Stare, Ent, Dryads, Deer, Elk, Reindeer, Flamethrowers.

Well, I'll get something right.

2638339, I want to see a "mirror verse", what if the little girl "Daisy Jo" became the filly "Sandalwood"?

Also, I really, really want to see the dark side of this universe. The Equestriani organized crime rings, the petty Equestriani criminals, the Human supremacists, the Equestriani supremacists, black markets, etc. You also mentioned an Equestriani serial killer in the Space Battles thread.

Also from the thread, someone bought up the fact that once Earth Ponies find out their extreme strength advantage over Humans – and that Humans aren't the equivalent of the Covenant – some unscrupulous Earth Ponies might use their strength to extort, bully or even attack Humans. That might make an interesting tale.

And as I mentioned, the ability gap between Humans, Chimeras amd Equestriani along with Human attempts to narrow the gap (via drugs, cybernetics, exoskeletons, genetics, etc.) might have some interesting material for a story.

And of course, more exploration into the technology of 2047.

2638440 You're on to something. I personally think a cameo of FIMFic admins like Knighty would be hilarious, to see what they're doing in their alternate lives.

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This is part of why I'm opening up the universe slightly: so people can take shots at stories.

I've got some stuff to say, but it isn't (currently) story-idea related.
I'm opening another thread.

I'm already have a lot of ideas that I have planned to write for few side stories in Be Human. One of them being about the ponies that created that film so look forward to that one.

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The serial killer? Oh yeah, I remember reading that when it was still in one of the pre-rewrite drafts, though I can't say which chapter. He got axed from the story IIRC because there was a lot of conceptual issues in trying to even make him relevant to the story, then the rewrite happened and he was forgotten.

That said, KH&C has stuff along those lines at one point, so while not exactly the same thing it does have some sort of organized crime in ponyland.


2638339 2638595 2638731 2638873
Here a list of ideas you could use as sidestories:
1.I would like to see how Button Mash is growing up on HE. You could have him as a teenager and a well know gamer and being in a video game convention like E3 or something. Because if a pony can get a Sony game controller for a Cutie Mark(He is from the MLP: FIM comics) so can Button Mash.
2.I would see a interview of TV show actors that came from AE to HE. Like a griffon playing a role of the Doctor from "Doctor Who" (we all know that "Doctor Who" will be still on air in the year 2047) or a griffon becoming a Japanese idol in Japan.
3.You could writes a story about a human family moving to Equestria and into a city like Manehattan or something and their son or daughter having a hard time adapting and may be getting bully by ponies.
4.You could show us some crime cases that is happing in the AAG universe.
5.A pony doing a class project that is a family tree project.
6.I like to see how the comic companies like Marvel and DC is doing in the AAG universe. It would be funny to see batman comics in Equestria or the Griffon Kingdom.
7. I would like to see Weird Al Yankovic make cameo appearance with the pony version of him Cheese Sandwich maybe that Weird Al's daughter, Nina birthday party.
8. I would like to see Snowflake becoming a gym instructor or a gym teacher on HE.
9. I would like to see some refers of music artists like Owl City and Daft Punk
10. I would like to see a pony or a griffon becoming a comedian kinda like Dave Chappelle. I can see a joke about a griffon and a pony going in a restaurant the griffon order a salad and a pony order a Meatball Sandwich.:rainbowlaugh:
11.I would like to see Gilda becoming a figure skater like in the movie "The Cutting Edge" that would be funny to see.:rainbowlaugh:

Just a sudden brainwave: where's Tank?
I mean: if well cared for, pet tortoises outlive their owners on a regular basis, and larger tortoises can take it slow for centuries.
And there's Gummy too: alligators can live 50 years in the wild, and have gone over seventy in captivity. Considering that Pinky adopted him, or perhaps even hatched him, when she was somewhere between fifteen and twenty, he should still be around and biting.

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3061152 They're still around; I just haven't used either character yet.

2638339 Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllll....... now that we know that changelings can transform if they give love, I would like Shining Dawn to do so :scootangel:. Speaking of her, I would also like an artwork of her :twilightblush:

New characters that appeared in seasons 4-7.

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