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Cydox Crescent
Group Admin

The Society would like to announce that it going to conduct a writing contest for it's members to participate in. The contest ends on the 13 of April. [(Judges found. List on main page)]

- Must be a oneshot of any genre between 2,000-8,000 words
- Must in some way involve Spike the Dragon (or) The Cutie Mark Crusaders
- All entries must be placed in the folder named "Contest Entry"
- Story must be SFW. As we will be creating a thread announcing the winning stories, we would rather be able to link it.
- No plagiarism. If caught, you will be banned from the group permanently, as you would be stealing appreciation from someone elses hard work.
- (originality) The less cliche your story, the higher chance you have at winning. Not a rule, just common sense.

What's the main prize?

Cydox Crescent
Group Admin

3103645 Bragging rights and us bending over backwards trying to promote you and your works.

so this contest is about involvine Spike and/or CmC, in an as original and creative manner as possible?

just one chapter of 2,000 - 8,000 words? and then place it in the folder to enlist?

sounds simple and fun enough.


So the prompt is to mix the group's banner with your avatar? :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, a real question: any issue in using a story I create for another event, as long as the story is created after today?

While I would like to take part in the contest, I'm currently committed to taking part in the EQD Writer's Training Grounds, and also to take part in the contests from The Monthly Contest Group.

On the other hoof, there is a good chance one of the next prompts for the EQD training grounds will fit this contest, which would allow me to take part without pushing above the five stories per month I'm already committed to write.

Sounds like a good prize to me!

Cydox Crescent
Group Admin

3103704 Sure, as long as it's fits the rules, we will accept it.

3103616 Well. I have a fic thats based around Pinkie Pie. She tries to get the cmc's to help her for a few minutes. Is that good enough for this part of qualification.

Cydox Crescent
Group Admin

3104556 I'd rather have everyone write a new story... But generally, that would be acceptable.

3104579 Ok. I can work with that

Further questions about the contest:

- At which time exactly does the contest end? 11:59 PM PDT? 09:00 PM PDT like the current EQD WTG? I'm asking because I tend to fuss about and keep tweaking fics until just before the deadline.

- Any issues if I submit the fic early, but make changes to it before the deadline? I'm asking because the "first pass" of my fic is done and posted already as part of the EQD WTG (fully created after this contest was announced as something meant to fit both the WTG and this contest), but I'm extending and improving it for the contest (about 30% longer and with more polish already), and I'll update the posted version to the extended one at Sunday.

Cydox Crescent
Group Admin

3185700 12:00PM EDT

And no issues if you make changes before the deadline while it's submitted. Just, once 12:00pm on the 13th rolls around, it's best you be finished by then.

3186440 Glad thing, you dropped the post. Let me get mines finished :O

Just to confirm, do you mean the deadline is noon on April 13, or would it be the midnight between April 13 and April 14?

(Sorry to bother again, but 12:00PM is awfully vague and actually means different things in different places and according to different conventions; I'm not actually certain which time it actually means where you live.)

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