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So basically...

Lol no here are some bullet points!

Epic Action/Adventure
An epic action adventure story can be anything from Daring Doo teaming up with your OC and going to steal the horseshoe of destiny, to an entire re-write of Lord of the Rings with ponies (I don't recommend that lol)
but I mean any type of Epic war story, or anything with a good in depth story is excepted! I will NOT turn down a story if its not a war or super trek across Equestria. But if you label your story adventure and its about your OC going to Sugarcube Corner for some cakes and then going home... lol I probably will remove it from the Action/Adventure Folder. (Now of course if its a Comedy/Adventure go ahead and post it, chances are it won't be removed anyway... unless its super out of category. I'll let the author know in a PM if and why a story is removed from a folder)

Epic Sad/Tragic
A sad or tragic story needs to have some serious feels. I have read stories that have brought tears streaming down my face. I dare any of you to do the same. Let us read those stories that have real meaning. I will send a gift to the first author to make me cry. And will feature it as the tear jerker of the month!

Epic Comedy
There have been some really funny stories added to this site! Like really funny. Anything you think is side -splitting will go in this folder!

Epic Romance (including clop)
Now I'm not into clop... I've read some amazing stories that have had clop scenes, I don't enjoy those scenes but I won't let that be the reason to ignore a well written story. Author Cloudy Skies was an amazing writer of romantic fics, but he went on indefinite hiatus :pinkiesad2: but his stories just gave that nice happy feeling when you read them. I consider an epic romantic story from really sweet and true romance, to even maybe very passionate and full of heated love. Whatever tickles your fancy I guess.

Epic Dark
Anypony else in the mood for some cupcakes?
This is where writers of the dark are allowed to reign free. Go as Evil and dark as you imagine. Terrify me. I wanna see some good horror in here.

I think you get the idea. Now when I say "Epic" I really mean just really good story. I won't turn away authors. Come one and all! But I wanna see some really good and creative stories. Now if you post a story that's like 50 chapters, 10,000 words a chapter, it might take me a while to finish your story. I and other admins will try and read all we can. Keep in mind we are all writing our own fics. But the really good ones will receive

And will be added to Twilight's Library! I hope to see this group grow at some point so we can have some fun, and read some really good stories. If you have a passion for editing or proof reading let me know in a PM and with your permission I will post your username on the front page so other reader can ask you for a pre-read or for editing. Thanks a lot everypony. Lets have a good time!

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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