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Group Admin

I will be kinda lame and implement some type of punishments for anypony who is here to cause trouble. Sorry but there seems to be a lot of hazing going on in a lot of groups and I won't tolerate it.

Time out
I wont tolerate things like cussing at an author for their story or thread. Even if they are annoying you MESSAGE AN ADMIN don't take the law into your own hooves.

If you constantly spam a folder or thread with your story we will ask you to stop. If you decide not to it will lead to the deletion of your story from the group and the ban hammer will be dropped... other then those little things I will be very lenient :pinkiehappy: but if you happen to piss off an admin that isn't me, and unless they are a little too strict and I don't get involved, You could risk getting banned from the group. Admin discretion people. :derpyderp2:

Teh Happy Stuff
Basically anything goes in this group. One thing I will ask is that if your story already has like 2,000-4,000 views... Don't post it in every folder. The point of this group is to help writers get their NEW stories off the ground. We don't need your already popular story fogging up our not so popular ones. I will make a separate folder for stories 1,000 views and up, post it there so we can enjoy it as well.

And if you decide to post in more then one folder, the tags need to match. If you post your romance story in every folder and we read it and notice it doesn't show any dark, tragic, etc elements it'll be removed from that folder and left in its appropriate one!

Final rule? Have fun!!

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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