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Just to see if I can knock some of the dust off, and out of curiosity, I would like to ask what makes Spikebloom shine to you? What makes the pairing/shipping appeal to you more versus the other ones for Spike?

This isn't to say that if you do like other Spike pairings (Spikebelle, Spikeloo [still checking if this is the right name for it], or Sparity), that this is the only pairing you admire. If you do like other pairs, that's cool by me, I've explored Spikebelle myself on the occasion and I have a friend who's a sparity fan so I read one sparity fic every blue moon when he finds me a good one to consider reading.

I know that this pairing particularly shines to me because who they are seems to fit better imo. Spike's more relaxed and immature nature seems to be a good balance to Applebloom's more aiming-to-mature-quickly and more independent nature. Also, both seem to show at least some level of strong dedication to what they do, whether it be running a quick and easy errand (or job) from either AJ or Twi, or helping out a friend in need. Plus, the two seem pretty damn cute together, which is never a bad thing. :twilightsmile: Some of this stuff is kinda applicable to the others, like for Spikebelle, for me, but like I said it just seems to click better for Spikebloom imo.

3335058 to me they just...click. gimme some time and ill figure it out.

glad you asked though. spikebloom is my OTP.

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Same. it just clicks.
People can argue age all they want, but they wouldn't call Spike a baby dragon without a good reason. Plus Sparity just came off to me as a childhood crush (which barely surfaced at all during Season 4, I hear), Spilight because she's like his sister/mother. Spikebelle, because it just seems like Spike would be using Sweetie as a rebound girl.

Honestly it's because Spikebloom is what got me interested in the fandom and I just can't see them with anypony else. I found maybe one or two stories where they're paired with others that I liked. Plus I like the idea that neither of them knew their real parents, but they have their siblings (Twilight being a surrogate sibling to Spike) who they'd live and die by. Plus their drive to do what they set out to do, Applebloom for her cutie mark and Spike during the Dragon Migration and his drive to be Twi's Number One Assistant.

...Plus they are adorable together! :pinkiehappy:

Bookplayer has a nice blog post describing her thoughts on Spikebloom. I'll copy my response from that post here:

I think two traits of Apple Bloom's that would make her compatible with Spike are her ambition and her adventurousness.

Apple Bloom's one desire, above all else, is to grow up more quickly, whether this manifests itself in crusading for her cutie mark or craving more independence. Thus, it'd make sense that she might pursue someone a bit more worldly and mature, like Spike. You also get a sense that Apple Bloom really wants to make a name for herself, and has the attitude of someone who'd like to be a leader. This aspect of her character would draw Spike's admiration because he'd see a bit of Twilight in her. Plus, Spike's seeming desire to be a "number one assistant" would mesh well with Apple Bloom's ambitions, should they get together.

Apple Bloom's adventurousness, however, could be a crucial aspect to the ship. In Bridle Gossip, Apple Bloom is the one pony in the entire town willing to give Zecora a chance. To the extent that any social prejudices exist against dragons or against interspecies relationships, Apple Bloom would be the least likely to care about them and would have no qualms about entering into a relationship with Spike.

Finally, they'd also be able to relate to one another pretty well on their upbringing. Both are in the somewhat unusual situation where their mother figures are their older sisters. One could totally see them commiserating together over the behavior of their crazy older sisters.

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