For the past few years, loyal and dedicated bronies have created masterful pieces of art, fiction, and music that has inspired dozens more. However due to the constant stream, fics are lost, pictures are misplaced, and music is hidden by iTunes and copyright claims. We plan to fix that. When your looking for a lost fic or pic, make a thread and put these busy bronies to work. If we can't find it......we need more members! So join for the good of your fellow bronies! For Equestria! And For Alicorn Twilight! ....Wait! Come back!

A.When making a thread please post all the info about the work you remember in this order:

1. Type (music, animation, fanfiction, art)
2. Genre (Instrumental, Rock, Romance, Comedy, Sketch, etc.)
3. Subject ( What was it about?/ What was the focus?)
4. Location (Where/When you saw it)
5. Additional Details (Anything that can help us find it)

B.Bronies opening threads looking for NSFW material MUST have 'NSFW' in the title and will be deleated once the fic has been found!

C.Every week all found works will be compiled in three posts for art, pictures, and animations. Stories can be added directly to the group.

Please invite all your friends to join! We can't fully operate unless many join and participate!
Otherwise enjoy and have fun!

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