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This group is a safe haven for people who are less than satisfied with the direction that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been headed as of late. Whether you're dissatisfied with season four, lost faith in the series (as well as humanity) with Equestria Girls, or even saw the end coming the moment Mrs. Faust stepped down, know that you have a place here alongside other people who are in the same mindset. Discuss what's wrong with the series, what could make it better, organize your thoughts so you feel more comfortable offering a counter argument against someone who disagrees with you. Most of all, have fun (hating)!

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The show always had good and bad episodes, the overall quality just dropped over time.

You could say the shitty S2 re-dos of better S1 episodes suck most, or the S3 end-of-season unearned Alicornification, or how the writers killed her personality from then on, or the mindless fanpandering from then on, or the stock plots, or Glimmer, or Discord, or any bad thing.

It's funny how this group became a thing when MLP was still decent, yet it reflects the current situation about the show.

One more piece of Glimmer-related hypocrisy, Starlight Glimmer's life was saved when a young foal discovered his talent. He then moved on with his life, while she didn't. She blamed cutie marks for everything, and chose to dedicate her life to repressing individuality and cutie marks with her cult town, so no foal could ever save a friend's life and develop a cutie mark again.

I started hating the show in the second half of Season Seven. I still had complaints before that, but they were smaller, I swallowed it. But now, I don't even slightly like how the show is going on. Equestria gets overpowered, Starlight is stealing most of the spotlight and becoming dumber than she was before, the cutie map and I could list it. EQG had good plans until Friendship Games, but I haven't watched the others after that (I just watched it mostly to understand some fan content.). The movie had so big plotholes, you have to be blind to not see those big plotholes and cliché plots, it didn't live up to my expectations. Honestly, I am seeing better characterization in these fanfics and much better plots that could teach kids and adults so good lessons, yet they're "too clever" for the show. It's a show with incredibly nice worldbuilding and good characters (not the new ones), yet they can't even use their full potential, to focus more on the show, rather than merchandising. It may be the biggest complaining about the show, but I hope someone who has his/her eyes open will see what I'm talking about. Even though the show is mostly there for merchandising, they could easily make it a legendary show if they went on with a more clever route, but it may be me, seeing too much potentials in things like always.

Honestly, I'd say it could still be a good show, but it's in Hasbro's hands, which means it will never change. Fans have made content, yet some of them just got removed, because Hasbro hates it when people show their "show ponies" in different ways. Again, I hope I don't offend anyone, but these are those complains that I swallowed up the entire time I watched the show and they're my point of view.

I loathe what the nu-writers did to Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

Applejack was the one good western role model in western cartoons, and Rainbow Dash was who Faust liked the most.

lost faith in the series (as well as humanity) with Equestria Girls


I will be posting the CERR for School Daze tonight. There is a lot to cover.

The direction the path is going in has lost its specialty. Ponies like Starlight have stolen the show from its original plot. And now said pony has her own adventure in Eqg too. I missed the good ol' eps before season 5.
The only thing left now is Starlicorn. Which is pretty obvious

I honestly haven't watched another episode since "Fame and Misfortune". Seems the writers don't want to admit that while the fandom can get crazy, some of the criticism is warranted. Also, apparently, kids are stupid and can't see errors either. You'd think the show being for kids would be all the more reason for them to be careful in their writing. Kids don't deserve shows that treat them like they're stupid.

I understand that this is a meant to be a kids show but I hated what happened with alicorn twilight and the mlp movie where when the invasion starts the 2 sisters and their gaurds do nothing to stop it

So I will be watching the movie in theaters, but due to scheduling, I'll probably have to wait a week. That 2010-2017 comparison still gives me the creeps. I wonder if MLP will happen to be the scariest movie of the year on visuals :pinkiesick:

I joined because I had some problems with the writing, which I could have done better.

Can't blame ya if that was the case, nor the other writers who might have left and leaked that.

There was a Link pony? I never knew that.

Sometimes, I think leaks happen because workers working in the company are dissatisfied with management/their work schedules.

I'd imagine having to work for bastards like Miller, Haber, and Vogel would become rather draining after a while. Especially with the way they take all credit for the show's "Successes" in interviews, but deflect all criticism with "It's just for little girls, fuck the bronies". If I joined a company that put assholes like that above me in the corporate ladder, I'd either leave or begin subverting things wherever I could.

Perhaps that's why so much discussion of that "Fuck you manbun millennials, get a job and go back to college" episode was dominated by the random Link pony in the background of one scene: It was the only good thing about the episode.

I know right? Hasbro's once strong ship, after having a few leaks, and started to sink, just broke in half.

Yeah, you could say that. Basically, this thread explains what happens (don't want to accidentally post spoilers here): https://www.fimfiction.net/group/201654/we-hate-whats-happened-to-mlp/thread/331653/mlp-the-movie-the-book-leaks-on-mlp---site-collectively-throw-themselves-overboard

This does contain spoilers though, just to warn you.

I've seen a few memes about broken-horn edgelord mare, and the obligatory furrybait. Is there a secret third character we have yet to see? Is Broken-Horn a massive villain sue?

He is? I didn't know that.

But trust me, I found out about the movie and it's got a character who's even worse than Starlight.

All I know about the movie is that in the concept art, the Storm King is pulling some Trump poses. Because of course, if he isn't as evil as you need him to be to feel good, just create a fictional villain, an evil master of the "Stormfags", as they keep calling the right.

Is that a reference to something?

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