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This group is a safe haven for people who are less than satisfied with the direction that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been headed as of late. Whether you're dissatisfied with season four, lost faith in the series (as well as humanity) with Equestria Girls, or even saw the end coming the moment Mrs. Faust stepped down, know that you have a place here alongside other people who are in the same mindset. Discuss what's wrong with the series, what could make it better, organize your thoughts so you feel more comfortable offering a counter argument against someone who disagrees with you. Most of all, have fun (hating)!

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Normally I wouldn't post anything political in this group, but word needs to be spread. The EU (or European Union) wants to finalize laws that would censor the entire internet for those under their jurisdiction.

There are plenty of articles for those who want more information, but the main gist is this: if the EU gets their way, sites like this could be BANNED in countries they run!

Here is just one of many petitions to spread the word: https://www.change.org/p/axel-voss-save-the-internet-reject-article-13-and-11/psf/promote_or_share

Again, normally I don't get political, but this is an exception.

Glad to see you here! :pinkiesmile:

Finally, a group that understands my plight!

The CERRs will be a bit later than usual.

Edit: The review for Sounds of Silence is done, and I'll post it in a few hours to make sure I don't break any spoiler rules on the site.

Agreed, and that whole phrase where they claim "once you join the herd you'll never leave" is bullshit.

I say, they can think whatever they want about the people that leave the fandom for a reasonable way, they will see who gets the short end at the end of the day. That's not what the fandom promised for those that joined, not what they showed before, so of course they have reasons they leave. As I said, this fandom became an SJW group with pony fetish instead of a respectful, mature, professional, caring fandom.

That was on EQD, and I can assume the article's dumb/biased. But on websites like IGN or RogerEbert.com...it's another story. On the former, the review had been written by a former fan and one comment called him a "loser", that told me a lot about what they probably think of people who leave the fandom.

Still ridiculous, I mean, the Pokemon movies got mostly negative reviews from critics yet I don't hear a ton of them bitching about it (except for Nostalgia Critic's review and rightfully so as he didn't research it or follow it)...they just don't let the critics' thoughts bother them and enjoy it for what it is. Or compared to reviews on the old Care Bears movies (the first film in fact beat the MLP movie at the time with a 60% on RT, now it's 50%), some people actually did some mature/reasonable responses to negative criticism of the films, like critics complain about the supposed commercialism of the franchise, but then again, what cartoon isn't commercialized and made for money usually, and franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings had that yet not a lot of people complained about it.

The review for Friendship University will be tonight or tomorrow.

Alright, I actually started searching that article and I would say, I remembered it a bit worse.


This was when the movies had more than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, but some people were still biased towards the movie, even though it wasn't even released, meaning some still blindly cherished the entire thing (which is funny, because they do exactly what they think about the reviewers, but in an opposite way). These comments are mostly about that review which said "Emoji movie is better than this", and there were still like 2-3 comments that said Rotten Tomatoes were wrong. But most people took it pretty well.

How pathetic those comments are, those are lame excuses and the things fanboys do: they attack others personally but don't offer anything close to valid counterarguments.

You serious...? They berated the critics on RT because they thought they’re unprofessional hacks who “don’t like ponies”? The only one on the staff that comes close to that is Cole Smithey and he doesn’t speak for the rest of the staff.

That’s pathetic. There was the stupidity at the end of Season 3, but this is disgusting.

Back then, I started using EQD, because I liked that site (it was when my hype was bigger for the MLP and I didn't really look into the flaws of it) and when the movie got out, I only saw comments that cherished the movie so much, seriously, just look back their comments and you will see. They said Rotten Tomatoes gave the negative reviews, because "they don't like ponies" and "they don't understand it" when they don't know that a real reviewer is not someone who review a book's cover, a real reviewer is someone who looks through the entire book. I lost more faith afterwards in the fandom. The time I "truly" left it was when I stopped watching the show at Season 8 Opening.

Yup, and they don't care about people who harass them for not liking it. Siskel and Ebert most likely would have slammed it (especially when you consider Siskel gave the second Care Bears film 0 out of 4 stars).

Let's not forget that the movie doesn't even have 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. Glad to see the pros aren't afraid to call it like it is.

I wonder what Ebert and Siskel would've said in a review...

They claim it's "revolutionary?"

I wonder what was in that Kool-Aid they had (and some people tried to compare it to Don Bluth's works). I still can't understand how they think the animation is "great", when in reality, the animation was stiff, choppy and laggy, with bad shading, blandly colored backgrounds, with the characters moving in ways that didn't feel convincing, their decision of using 3D for those airships/windmill and such was a terrible one, the 3D doesn't even look remotely convincing with Nintendo 64/GameCube and Playstation 1/2 quality graphics, none of the characters blended properly into or were grounded in the environments, looking more like 2D animation cels that were poorly photographed into a 3D video game background.

Yeah, the fandom's expectations just dropped, and there isn't that much creativity in it now, I did think of some crossover ideas once but I've dropped that concept due to a lack of motivation. I wonder what they'll think of this in about 5-10 years' time...

It's good to see someone finally sees the movie the way I do. Everyone just says how great the movie was, that it is revolutionary (they can probably say that too, because there has been no official 2D cartoon movie in these years) and I was like how could people like it so much? This plot is something you would see in any other animated film, there are just ponies in it (and some anthro characters) instead. Glad I left that fandom, I have seen some good in it and they were pretty creative (most of them though are for the older seasons) but the overall expectations went very low and even though they were fighting against the stereotypes back then, it changed and they became what they were fighting against. Bronies can only show people what they did BACK then, now those left the fandom that knew how to make it good. I still read some fanfics here, because I like reading and some of them are interesting, but basically almost only the old ones interests me anymore.

I actually never truly cared about the merchandise, I didn't like them, I only liked the show, so can't comment on that. Also, believe me, it's good if you have high expectations, you just don't have to be a douchebag with it. I always look at things and have my expectations about them, always say what could have been done better on it and sometimes accept the flaws if they're not that big. But as I said, the fandom's expectations about the show dropped down into the toilet and now they're basically okey with every dumb plot.

In case anyone has wondered where I've been: I've been busy with a project in the Doom community, called 'Verse Hopper.

I will get to the new CERR soon, hopefully today.

Probably not any. Hell, I wonder what the writers' children think of the show even (also, though it didn't look too gruesome to me, wonder if kids were scared by the Mean Six melting)...

No problem with replying to my old comment! And that doesn't surprise me. Shocker; kids aren't dumb. I wonder how much time, if any, the writers actually spend with kids.

I can agree with you on everything, but I'd add the merchandise quality is getting worse over time (I don't like the new "open mouth" face molds for example), and I'd say since supposedly the comics are now canon (with as shitty Tempest comic) and season 8 tried to make said film canon, the 2017 MLP movie is basically a poorly done fan film (that's what it feels like to me) that got released officially in theaters for profit and is a bad fan film we're forced to accept as canon. Not to mention it just ripped off previous episodes of the show, barely used its focus characters and felt NOTHING at all like an MLP movie.

Maybe our expectations after season 4 were just too high... :fluttershbad:

Funnily enough (I apologize if I'm replying to a 6 month old comment though), I heard kids who DID watch that episode complained it was boring and mean-spirited (and a lot of kids are finding the show boring nowadays, so that says everything about what the target audience thinks of it)....

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