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In the beginning, there was a land of plenty.

In this land, there were two caretakers, tasked with tending the land.

In exchange for their service, the caretakers would be given everything they desired. Food. Protection. Love.

But there was a catch. There was one thing the caretakers could not take. A burden they were ordered to keep clear of. Knowledge.

Even with everything given to them, and knowing no fear of the outside world or its dangers, their hunger would prove to be too much.

I am Famine, and this is my conquest.

I seek all the knowledge of the world. I am the mastery of the arcane. I have unraveled the secrets of nature and the Aether, and it is now my burden. It is my insatiable hunger. It is my Conquest. Only in Death will I ever find peace. Only in Death will I find the answers I seek. And only in Death will I finally have it all.

Come. Share my Wisdom. Learn what I’ve learned. And we will walk in the Valley of Death together, sharing our burdens.

I am Famine, and this is my Conquest.

-teachings of Famine, act II

So, Eve, Cain, and Noah. Each horseman is a representation of some biblical figure? Or at least they reference these events, I find it telling that none of them directly blames god. but there is an underlying message, as if it was gods will all along.

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