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The rule for stories allowed are simple: make them human but also give them features that make them inhuman. We're basically looking for an individual being a range of 70%-99% human (with some exception). These aren't anthros we're looking for, they have to be furless. Here is a list of what we want:

They're still humans so they're furless, have fingers, toes, ect.
They can be given features like tails, pony ears, yaddy yadda yadda (just don't make them too animalistic).

One of the few that can be fully human.

They should have wings on their backs.

They may be fully human, but they should still have the ability to use magic.
Having horns is always welcomed.

Its difficult to say what status they hold in the show (are they equals to ponies, are they pets?) As such, they can be fully dragonized or be given dragon features within their stories.

Equestria Girls
Many people say they're anthros, but I see them as humans. The only thing that sets them apart from us is the wide range of colored skin and that is perfectly okay by me. It's no different from the skin of nationalities; some of us are white, others can be black, and their are those who are even carmel.

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