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This isn't Fafnir, it's Dog Days. That guy is scary as fuck, speaking in bold all the damn time, right? Anyways, my time is growing short. He's due back any minute, and he's not gonna be happy that I'm in his throne room!

"Dog Days! Dog Days, are you in my Throne Room again!?

Shit! Alright guys, this isn't good. Here's the deal, you know, before I'm cooked alive by an angry Dragon God.

I need a dossier for every character that's willing to become a part of this universe. A prologue should accompany your character, and I do not care if it is within the confines of this thread. Do not worry about Fafnir using the real name of your character, I've enchanted these words so your secrets are safer than fried chicken at my house!


Scheiße, he's close as fuck! So yeah, anything on your character will be alright! Just don't make it too short!

Gotta go! And pray for my butt hole, please!:fluttercry:

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2172351 Here is an updated version of my OC complete with back story.
Name: Sjach persvek wer Whedabra = Shadow in the Darkness/ or just Sjach

Body and Colors: 6.5 feet tall and slim. Black scales with gray bone like horns, spines, and dagger tip tail. Black and grey wings. Likes to wear a robe similar to my avatar's.

Fire Color: Black and blue highlights fire.

Weapon: Black bladed Staff. Basically Death's from Darksiders 2 but slightly smaller with dragon designs.

Personality: Quite but strong willed. Usually deadpan, crazy at times, and doesn't pull any punches. Verbal or physical. Loves to fight and often cracks jokes while doing so. He believes in in friendship and will do almost anything for those who have earned his trust as long as they don’t go against his morals. He has an interest in history, the supernatural, myths, legends, and seeing new places. He comes from a long line of Darkness using Draconicans and is considered to be a prodigy and the strongest in his clan’s history. His parents were killed when he was fourteen by a rivaling clan. Sjach returned the favor by single handedly killed the entire clan after he accessed the full extent of his powers. The leader of his clan wanted to use him as a weapon to take over the other clans, but Sjach had no interest in either being ordered around or ruling anybody, so he left the clan. And killed anyone that tried to stop him. He spent his time wander his world, learning as much as he can, seeing new sights, and finding strong opponents to test himself. He soon got tired of his world and decided to explore others. He often looks for others who are on the same level as him for allies and friends.

Power: Void Energy. Able to faze in and out of shadows. And can turn into a shadow. Able to cover himself in a dark aura to increase his speed, power, protect himself, and create dark aura arms. Can basically fire black ceros from Bleach from his fingers, mouth, weapon, and the tip of his tail. By channeling his power into his weapon he can cut through almost anything, send cutting dark slashes, and dark tornados. By controlling people’s shadows he can use them to ensnare, strangle, or impale his enemies. Sjach can see in complete darkness and able to create domes of darkness as large as Madison Square Garden and nobody can get in or out without his say so. He moves from place to place and world to world through corridors of darkness like the ones in Kingdom Hearts. He is also able to use his wings as shields and can block most attacks, whether they’re physical or magical.

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2195675 Not bad! Are you going to write a story for the group? Have him start out in Equestria, either Spike's version or a different dimension.

I like this idea and OC. I like it a lot.

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2195774 Outside of giving you an OC to maybe be a part of Spike's group, nothing really. I might do a story involving him later but I already have a long list of stories so it will have to wait at the moment.

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OC Draconican

Name: Spectral

NickName: The Silver king

Body and Colors: Tall and medium build. Silver scales with Brown spines,With to Crystals spikes out of his back and Crystal tip tail. no wings. Likes to wear a cloake.

Have's Silver fire.

Weapon Crystal spear

Personality:Usually silent, Loves to fight and learning about all the worlds like they're history,legends, Quite cruel and crazy at times and doesn't pull any punches, he doesn't trust anyone but himself and his allies, During battle Spectral rarely moves, attacking with his sand, crystals, shadows and Earth attacks from a single location, he's a master of claw to claw combat and manipulation, he loves playing mind games on his Opponents to get them to turn on one another,but he look out fore his allies. he knows when to fight and when to run,he likes to keep to himself and to travel alone, he can think on his feet. his clan was all killed when he was thirteen since that day he has been wandering the worlds on the hunt fore the one Draconican that did it. But now he has a lead on the one that killed his clan and his parents, the one he's going to make pay his own twin brother king eclipse but to get to him he must enter the Fafnir game to get his revenge. On Spectral travel he trane under four different masters in different arts of combat, And run in seven individuals, each individual have there reasons fore following him.

Power: manipulation of shadows, Earth, and Crystals, Able to serve various purposes, like to catch opponents, to attack and defend with shadows, Earth and Crystals. Able to create shadow and rok warriors, Able to create shields and wall of Crystals rock and sand, If sand is lacking in abundance, Spectral can break down the earth minerals in the ground to create sand. in case an opponent gets too close. His primary defence is his Shield of Sand, an automatic sand shield that surrounds and protects him from damage, he can create Weapons from shadows and Crystals like the Crystal spear and shadows claws Able to move through the Earth and shadows, And shape shift. Able to create spears of Crystals.

OC Draconian

Name: Raijin (Meaning Thunder God/Goddess (Not Literally))

Magic Type: She Uses The Sapphire Lightning that Dameion also uses but if limited to that lighting type only. She has basic knowledge of water magic to be able to heal herself in case of a serious battle injury.

Colouring: Aquamarine Body, Teal Underbelly, 2 Sharp gold horns curving slightly like a rams on either side of her head.

Appearance: She wears A Long Deep Blue and Gold Trimmed cloak over Cobalt coloured steel Armour with spikes on the sides of the arms and front of the shins she wields 2 daggers on either hip and A Broadsword strapped to her back In a Deep Blue Leather Harness.

Gender: Female

Age: Around Dameion's age so about 1040 ish?

Personality: A Sparkling sense of humour and innocence but fierce in battle, loyal to the point of death and thinks herself a rival to anyone else who uses magic of any kind. She is very world-wise and knows much in the art of stealth and swordplay. She Often Quips about other people in defence of herself or to defuse situations and enjoys talking.

Backstory: She was raised in the Gekido Household after being abandoned by her parents after she hatched/was born and was found in the aftermath of a clan war between the Gekido's and the Sakkaku's families. the Gekido's saw great potential in her and brought her into their family as a daughter they never had. She has been abroad for about 500 years and has learned a great many things about the world. She earned herself the lightning bladed assassin when she assassinated a Important politician on his way Zistril to Negotiate a treaty with the Minotaur’s with so much electricity in her daggers that when she stabbed him he literally disintegrated. Her Surrogate Family were all killed when the Sakkaku's launched an attack as revenge for their defeat when Raijin was a Little girl.

Fun Facts: I made her up to be a possible partner to Dameion as she and him both have traumatized pasts in which they both have lost people very close to them and have had to power through with no one to talk to about it. She Reminds me a lot of a male dragon in an anime I watched, Highschool DxD is what its called.

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