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Well I found something with no pony! I got well hooked on a app game called Goddess Kiss. Basically your the second pick to command a elite mech special forces unit called Goddess Kiss, cause your one of a hand full of people immune to the obedience virus that evil emperor Cain has unleashed. You take over for you best friend who's went mia after a mission went bad, starting off you have three young attractive girls under your command your best friends kid sister, a ditzy foody and a red head. Then as you go you recruit others have some visual novel style interactions with some, and defeat enemy officers you can recruit and cure buy kissing time. Not joking you cure girls with a kiss then they fight for you.

Any way I decided to look around and found no art for it in MLP. No cute girls hugging ponies no ponyified of the pilots on eqg girls in cosplay as the pilots not even jokes....

So as do to its name looking up fan fiction is not possible as Alicorn is tread as goddess and we all have ponies we worship...

So if I was to write a story cross over what do you all want the Equestria girls replace the normal pilots, a pony version of goddess kiss, pilots in Equestria, ponies or Equestria Girls in goddess kiss or down displaced goddess kiss story.

Also this is a free app game. With its own wiki and lots of art.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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