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I got a question for everyone in this group: if the heroes of Equestria including Twilight and her friends were to be given Gundams or Gundam-type mechas, what type of Gundam would suit each pony and why.

For example, a speed type of Gundam would be for Rainbow Dash.

I want to hear what the rest of you all think as I'm working on a story in which the Mane 6 gain Gundams as a token of good will and to help defend Equestria.

You mean like the Shining or God Gundams for Dash?

I'm talking about combat types (like speed, assault, etc...)

I had my own idea of the mane six themed mechas and story ideas in considering each of their basic skill sets and natural inclinations, which for some of them just isn't there so it would go as followed;

Twilight Sparkle, mage mecha, that can teleport and use top tier magic and can handle complex calculations to achieve it. Twilight is more of a range fighter and we see that likes to keep her enemies off balance by teleporting from one area to another and use distractions to get a clear shot at the ennemy.

Rarity, CQC combat mecha, she has a fine control of her TK with being able to manipulate multiple objects without any trouble, she tends to see her self as gallant and tend to have flair for the dramatic, so probably very swift and mobile too. I would guess that she would be good with wheedling swords if not multiple support drones to help her to cut the enemy to pieces.

Applejack: heavy artillery support mech the his huge hulking, that can take a lot of beating and has a hight caring capacity and can go into frontal assault.

Rainbow Dash aerial unit, or very fast and light, can make tight turns and that you would need to be insane to actually want to pilot it.

Pinky Pie I would maybe also say artillery with the party cannon and all, not sure, what would be good to see her pinky sense being useful there, maybe a sort of sniper unit or ninja something.

Flutershy: I would say counter electronic warfare, hacking for her sense she doesn't likes to fight and all maybe a stealth system to for infiltration.

hope this helps

also here are some of my takes on pony mecha if you're interested:raritywink:

Who summons me? And dude you practically did with this question as gundam is in my screen name!

Rainbow Dash is the easiest F99 gundam

The Record Breaker as it was called was the fastest suit in the Universal Century time line and the top of the line in gundam.

Fluttershy would have a Gaia gundam

While in a story I gave her a different modified gundam if it has to be a unmodified suit of gundam class it's this it's animal form fits her I feel.

Rarity.... if no one sees this suit coming shame on you. Gundam Rose it has bits she can use her horn to operate and it's French.

AJ gets the Ground combat gundam this is for its good all purpose suit and caries several weapons in the back pack unit.

Pinkie pie gets well it's pinkie.... Destroy Gundam cause why not give the crazy pony the city buster.

Twilight gets funnels and lots of them her suit isKshatriya it's not a gundam it's self but is in the class of most gundam and as new type weapon it's stupidly broken with bit type funnels and mega particle cannons.

For friends I'm doing my fave three of them.... Trixie, Sunset, and Starlight cause one they do the most of all the friends and are the most likely to be given suits.

Trixie is best pony so she gets what I consider best gundam.... Yes I know I'm bias. Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex cause it fucking wrecks and the spinal link system gives the pilot epic ability.

Sunset gets another broken suit the The wing Zero custom cause angel wings and double buster rifle.

Starlight glimmer gets a gundam that is obscure but I feel was vary effective if it had a good pilot Gundam 6th (gundam mudrock) (gundam guncannon)

That's just picking gundam class suits give me a setting to use or mass production only I can also set a list.

Starlight gets a non-New-type Gundam without funnels but her teacher gets the Kshatriya...

I suggest a High-New.

Or maybe an AGE-FX.

One just having funnels dose not make a suit good two new type weapons rely on fine control twilight and rarity have them cause because they can multi magic control and high level concentration. Starlight has raw power and quick to master new spells but she is not good with stress or shown to casts multiple spells at once. That and Starlight would be better able to focus on the role of mid range support and survive better. The new gundam and the gunpla high-New are heavy mental strain suits that require the pilot to control the suit the fin funnels position and shape as the can both do focus and spread as well as shield, and also aim and fire their own gun. Rarity and Twilight both have eyes and heads for math and position. Allowing them to literally fire at the enemy in their face with out hitting their own suits. That's the power and beauty of a all range attack weapon you can shot at anything from any angle and any where. It's fun dodging your own shots as you shoot the guy your sword fighting in the back.

If I where to give starlight a all range weapons gundam the legend or providence gundam from seed or maybe the dragoon gundam would be more likely as they require less sensitivity to use. There for less focus.

But to be honest I'd rather not use gundams at all. I preferred mass production suits or limited production units. My customize suit is gouf flight type that barrows a arm chest and helmet of the shenlong gundam. Trading the shock line for a dragon alarm the head mounted volcan guns with head mod and the upgraded chest grants space use combined with atmosphere flight and the gouf late war weapons you get a machine that is far above a gundam. Hell most gundam units I do love are mass production units like forbidden vortex/forbidden blue or the ground combat gundam.

I have a whole series of pony gundams if anyone want s to see

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