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Hello, I have just joined and have one question, what is your favorite Zoid from the manga, anime or games.
My personal favorite Zoids are as follows.
Konig wolf

Shadow Fox

berserk fury

And the Command wolf

That's obvious Genobreaker and Light Zero say you like Zoids check out my story it features Zoids

I'm with ya man, freaking Shadow Fox all the way.

3916577 Your Both not wrong shadow fox is a Great Machine and powerful to for a zoid of its size

It's also basically a ninja, using stealth to an advantage, and using smoke for a quick escape if someone gets to close.

But you're right about the Liger Zero and Geno Breaker being all time classics.

The ultimate X's.

Oh yeah, that's right I completely forgot about Elephander's!

oh now that elephant is BEAST ITS LETERALLY A TANK IN EVERY SENCE they say its practically perfect

Yep, though I'm even more in love with the zoid that inspired the Shadow fox, the Mirage Fox 'Foxy' custom.
Those wing blades put even the liger's blades to shame.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 7
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