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It's a multiversal principle that every Mecha is THE ultimate force in its own universe. And we all have our favorite one that we can call 'invincible'.


Who truly is THE Greatest Mecha ever?
Let's find out nominating our own candidates and giving the reasons that make them, the very best.

For me, it's the Mazinkaiser:

Why? Because it's the ultimate version of the very Trope Maker. But upgraded to make it powerful enough to keep it up with the modern day versions.

It's not only the sheer AWESOME!ess that comes from the first Super-Robot coming back, bigger and stronger than ever. But also the sheer AWESOME!ess that comes from a robot so frigging' powerful that it can basically kill God and the Devil.

To drive that point home, a common Trope of both Super and Real Robots is the Mid Season Upgrade. It gives the titular mecha a power boost and gives the series that technological advance feel that characterizes sci-fi. In seven OVAS the Mazinkaiser goes through ZERO upgrades. Just a minor one in the movie and that's it. No major power boost and no appearance retool because it doesn't need them. That's how effing over powered it is,

So, the father of the genre becomes the God Devil Emperor of the genre.

What do you guys think?

I VOTE FOR GUNDAM POWER ALL HAIL THE GUNDAM EMPIRE:rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

3729809 Is nominating a Gunpla kinda technically cheating?

Because, you know, this guy:


Well, it would be more interesting to show the titular mechas, but as long as it's a giant sized piloted robot, it counts. But you have to give an argument as to why it is your election for Greates Mecha Ever.

BTW, is that the Wing Gundam?

Its wing gundam Fenice form build Fighters

Ill give him this Mazinger has some move but I doubt he could handel Wing Gundam

3733276 Yeah, as Orudios said, it's the Wing Gundam Fenice, a modified Wing from Build fighters. As for why it's the best Mecha, not only is both it and it's battler a total sir (shoulder capes, anyone?), but it also can touch the untouchable. In it's final battle, it managed to damage a Gunpla that hadn't let anyone even get within striking distance of it, let alone force it into melee combat, alongside other storyline based stuff. Also it's so Italian it's eyes are even almost the colours of the Italian flag :derpytongue2:

3733312 Imagine if it was Mazinkaiser vs. God Gundam? The destruction... :pinkiecrazy:

3735089 Thnak you im on Team gundam all the way and you think the fenice is awesome try my MEGA WING GUNDAM it the ultimate Wing Gundam

No not ultimate its MEGA

Hmm, the Italia is strong in this one,

Just one little doubt in what is power levels.
If memory serves me, the original Wing Gundam was able to enter the atmosphere without bigger problems, but it was still vulnerable to heavy fire like the one from the Taurus or the Tallgeese.
Assuming that the Fenice is a stronger version I will venture it's more resistant than its predecessor, so I assume that it can take some punishment without mayor problems.

Now, the Mazinkaiser once felt from orbit (no landed, felt) and hit solid rock, creating an explosion equivalent to a meteor fall. Not even a scratch.

But to keep this from being a 'one vs one' let me propose another robot:

Basically, all the mobility of a Real Robot combined with the sheer power of a Super Robot, all packed in the Mecha equivalent of 'Pimp My Ride'.

Ah Megas they don't make that model anymore

3733312 Wing Gundam..... oh you mean that little tin toy that would get crushed by a simple Turbo Smasher Punch from Mazinkaiser who, TO DATE, has survived REENTRY AND A CRASH LANDING WITHOUT A SINGLE BIT OF DAMAGE. It also has dealt with monsters that would send a Gundam RUNNING.

4917499 Gundams are stronger than gods Try burning and transient destroyed the earth

4917636 Oh you mean the thing Mazinkaiser can do if it became a Devil? AKA if Koji just.... cuts loose?

4917638 For the Record iv seen Kaiser Skull and I Respect him and normal Kaiser but im sticking with gundam on this one besides Turn A just has to use moonlight butterfly and .....Dust

4917667 And Normal Kaiser just has to use Fire Blaster, which destroys worlds BTW, and Turn A is done for. Oh and there's an Eldritch Abomination inside it as well. Good luck with that.

4917898 No problem ill used Destroy Gundam his fire power can handel super robots but fair warning if I had to use my last Resorts ....YOUR DOOMED

4918662 Adorable and... OH LOOK! Not a scratch on Mazinkaiser. Did I neglect to mention that it survived basically re entry and a crashlanding that melted monsters that had armor AKIN to a Gundam? No? Well it happened.

4918671 You did I heard that part ...NOT IMPRESSED

4919065 Alright. Mazinkaiser pulls out two swords and slashes your Gundam into pieces. Crushing its head with it's foot.

not passibe the gundam armor is all but impenitable beside it has beam sabers it will counter with the beam blades we got star wars action up in here

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