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Does it count if the background pony is also an OC?


I suppose it wouldn't hurt as long as they're one of the nine who actually appeared in the show in one way or another: Holly Dash, Peachy Pitt, Wild Fire, Midnight Strike, Stellar Eclipse, Whoa Nelly, Bittersweet, Leadwing, and Angel Heart.

Point of discussion: if they weren't on the show, are they really background ponies?

5936404 If never appearing in the show makes you a background pony, sunset Shimmer is best background pony.


That... wasn't really where I was going with the hypothetical question. Besides, Sunset Shimmer is too much of a protagonist to be a background pony if we're splitting hairs.

It does open a can of worms, though... Flash Sentry is a background pony when he's a pony, but a supporting character in EQG. Would a ponified Watermelody be a background pony?

My train of thought was originally going to the comics... there have been only 9 OC cameos in the show, but a bunch more if the IDW comics are included. Also, a lot of the VAs have their own OC in addition to the characters they voice. Taralicious comes to mind.

Maybe the real question should be... who did you have in mind when you made the original post?

5936435 I've written a story about an original background character with a normal and mediocre life... Until it suddenly gets flip-turned upside down by the sudden appearance of a monster, who holds her family hostage and forces her to become a main character and go get some treasure from a magic temple only the pure of heart can enter.

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