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Pretty much everyone in this fandom knows at least one Background Pony. From the ever silly Lyra, to the continually frustrated Octavia, to the queen of them all: Derpy Hooves.

But even among these secondary characters, there are some that don't have the massive fanbase of their peers.

So, who are these characters to you? Who are the Background Ponies to the Background Ponies, and what sort of headcanons do you have for them?

I like the really underappreciated ones. Ambrosia. Silver Spanner. Rough Tumble. Diamond Mint. Starbright.

3975864 Blossomforth. Despite being in several episodes, and even being mentioned by name, most people I talk to don't even know who she is and think she's my OC.

I don't really have any solid headcanons for her. Just that she's a shy softy moonlighting as a hardass. For what reason, I have no clue.


Damn, those are some really obscure ones. I don't even know who they are.


Heh, I don't have that many headcanons (though I wish I did), though I do have some on them. From Shoeshine being a magical blacksmith, to Minuette having time related abilities as well as making incredibly complex clockwork things (bordering on artificial intelligence), to Dolphin Dream (who I call Sea Swirl) being a half-seapony hydrokinetic who goes around preaching the virtues of dating outside of your species.

Silverspeed and Silver Spoon being sisters was one idea I really liked (or her being Silver Spoon's mother)

Also, I like Parasol and that one background florist in Manehattan (if you look up Viola Orchid on derpibouru, you'll know who I'm referring to)

Parasol I always imagined was one of those pegasi that was into cheesy horror movies, terrible conspiracy theories, and relentless teasing. And her partner in crime was either Sprinkle Medley or Merry May.

Flitter...well...I made her into a slightly feather-brained fanatic for insects, to the point where she is easily distracted by butterflies or herself.


I've got a story in the works featuring Beauty Brass as the protagonist.

Other background ponies playing decent roles include:

Vinyl Scratch, Uncle Apple Strudel, Noteworthy, and Cotton Cloudy as the Tiny Ewes Oom-Pah Band
Pitch Perfect, Beauty's cousin
Goldie Delicious, Pitch's mother
Symphony, Beauty's Special Somepony (and "Sir Not Actually Appearing In This Film," although she's talked about a lot)
Fiddlesticks, Beauty's licentious summer crush
Ballad, Fiddlesticks' obtuse roommate
Hoops, Score, and Dumbbell
Berry Punch
Foggy Fleece (Nana Knits), Cotton Cloudy's grandmother

It takes place at least one Summer Sun Celebration before Twilight is sent to Ponyville.

I have some sequel scenes written as well...
Symphony actually gets some screen time
Frederick Horseshoepin and Parish Nandermane get cameos.
Beau Bass (He didn't have a name yet, so I gave him that one for... reasons.) Recently named "Hill Song" by the wiki.
Professor Bill Neigh
Alula, aka "Princess Erroria"


Ambrosia. Silver Spanner. Rough Tumble. Diamond Mint. Starbright.


Silver Spanner:

Rough Tumble:

Diamond Mint:


EDIT: I got her name wrong before...

Background ponies I rather like...

Lyra & Bon Bon: So obviously a couple. And I like the Lyra-loves-humans idea. In my head, she's a fan of the My Little Human comic book series published in Equestria, and defends them as being "not just for little fillies".

Flitter & Cloudchaser: Depending on how I feel, they are sisters, twins, or lovers. Or some combination of those.

Apple Fritter: Cousin (not necessarily a first cousin) of some kind to Applejack. She appears to live in Appleloosa, but is seen occasionally in Ponyville and Canterlot.

Minuette: no real backstory, I just think she's a cutie.

Amethyst Star: ditto.

Rose(luck): Is obviously a florist.

Octavia & Vinyl Scratch: Everyone else ships them; I don't really care either way. I don't have much of an opinion, other than that they're each cute.

I used Blossomforth in one of my stories.

Diamond Mint's been mentioned, but my personal headcanons:

She's a Canterlot native, but she moved to Ponyville before Pinkie's party (that inspired Cheese to become a party pony, as well).

(On a related note, according to the same flashback, she's older than any of the Mane 6, Flitter, Cloudchaser, Derpy, Minuette, Lyra, Bon Bon, and Cheerilee. But that's more of an observation than a headcanon.)

She works at a mint company, and is the CEO's daughter, and stands to inherit the company when he passes on or passes it on to her. (I figure she has some status of her own; you'll notice she did attend the GGG despite not getting Twilight's spare in The Ticket Master.) Her special talent is processing mint.

She wasn't appalled at Pinkie's antics per se, just that they came out in a formal setting.

I know she's in some fics, with varying personalities; I like to think she's a generally good pony.

I guess I could list out a few background ponies who I have headcanon's for, yet no backstories:

: Doesn't have a name, but I do see him as Derpy's little brother and, by extension, Dinky, Chirpy and Dipsy's uncle.

Chirpy and Dipsy Hooves: Dinky's little sister and brother respectively, the former is into story writing while the latter is into art due to his father, Ponet (I have Dipsy aged up to being younger than Chirpy as well).

Shady Blues: Blues/Noteworthy's little brother, both has a little interest in card games as well as owning a saxophone.

Strike (see my avatar): Allie Way's son and Mane Goodall's nephew.

Shady Daze: Best Friends with Featherweight and Strike, also happens to be Soarin's little brother as well.

Flutter Doo/Hooves (purple maned Derpy from the Winter Wrap Up episode): Derpy's big sister and the oldest out of them.

Ski Doo/Hooves (red maned Derpy out of the same episode): Second oldest out of the family.

Frosty Dew/Hooves (white maned Derpy from the above episode): Considers herself to be Derpy's twin sister and the same age, despite the fact she's actually younger than her by a little.

Orange Box (Appeared in Twi's flashback in Cutie Mark Chronicles): The second youngest out of the family.

Pear Seed (bad name, I know) (appeared in the crowd shot during the Trade ya episode): The youngest out of the family and has a small rivalry with AJ, Cherry Berry and Carrot Top, due to also being a farmer herself.

Blaze: Spitfire's little sister, absolutely ADORES spicy foods that would leave most pleading for mercy (and a lot of drinks).

Ponet: Aside from painting, he has a fancy for stargazing.

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