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This is a very partial list of the ancestry and kin of the Sweet Apple Acres Siblings

I. Distant Ancestry

The Apples of Sweet Apple Acres are remotely descended from St. Sweetheart and Teddy of the Age of Wonders,

(from the Paradise Estate Picture Collection, Canterlot Palace Archive, ill. Chiuuchiuu)

whose children were Brave Heart, Wild Heart, Pure Heart and Lion Heart (as described by Alex Warlorn). These four children are ancestral to the lineages of the Hearts, Apples and Pies, among many others, since they survived the Cataclysm and thus had a major genetic impact on the population of Ponies who passed this bottleneck; most present-day Earth Ponies are partially descended from them. These lineages cross and recross many times over the ensuing four millennia.

II. Morgan Apples

The 14th-century ancestors of the Apples of Sweet Apple Acres dwelt in Morgan (NE Equestria). Apple Bloom the Elder (1331-1388) was the sister of Pine Apple (1342-viveat), and they were in turn the first cousin of Apple Tart (1336-1398) who is ancestral to the Berries of Ponyville (including Blackcherry Lee "Cheerilee" Punch).

Apple Bloom the Elder left Morgan with her friends in quest of new lands. She wed her childhood friend and companion Golden ("Goldheart") Heart (1332-1372) whose elder brother was Pure Gold (1322-1405) who since Pinkie Pie's possible edit of history (in 1504) now had wed Fluffy Pie (1365-1405) making Pinkie Pie a cousin of the Apple Siblings, as she Wished to be. (Around Pinkie, normal causality sometimes takes vacations). This also makes the Apples recent kin to the Hearts and the Golds.

III. Founders of Ponyville

The two daughters of Apple Bloom the Elder were Dawnflower ("Sew n'Sow") Apple (1361-1463) and Duskflower ("Applesauce") Apple (1369-viveat). Dawnflower married Acorn ("Pokey") Oaks (1351-1421) who was a Morgan Pony, and Duskflower married Happy Trails (1369-1456) who was an Itinerant Pony (kin to the Trail Dancer who is Pie Chart's True Love).

Dawnflower's eldest daughter is Green ("Greenie," later aka "Granny Smith") Apple (1392-viveat),; there were numerous other siblings and from them 2nd cousins of the Sweet Apple Acre Siblings). Some of these siblings live around Nickerlite, about 50 miles west of Ponyville and a few miles north of South-Dunnich.

Duskflower's daughters included Rose ("Apple Rose") Apple (1392-viveat) the favorite cousin and best friend of Greenie Apple; and Goldie Delicious Apple (1396-viveat) who later became the family historian. Rose Apple married the Griffonian-Imperial Earth Pony immigrant Apfel Strudel ("Apple Strudel") (1393-viveat) and from them are descended many 3rd cusins, including Apple Fritter and Lavender Fritter. These Apples mostly live near Bittsburg, northwest of Fillydelphia and far east of Ponyville.

(from left to right, viewer's perspective, these are Apple Rose, her mother Duskflower; Green Apple, and her mother Dawnflower, around 1407).

Greenie Apple wed Black ("Blackie") Smith (1390-1489) and both changed their last names to "Smith Apple" both by way of expressing their extreme, passionate love, and being daringly modern. They had among their numerous offspring four daughters.

IV. Ponyville Apples

These daughters were Melanie Rose ("Melrose") Apple (1439-1491), Elizabeth Brown ("Apple Brown Betty") Apple (1444-), Dumpling ("Apple Dumpling") Apple (1453-) and Apple Leaves (1458-). Melanie Rose married Tangelo Orange (1441-1491) the elder brother of Mosely Orange (1448-). Elizabeth Brown first had an irregular union with Wandering ("Wanderlust") Baker (1446-?) and then wed her cousin Apple Split. Apple Dumpling and Apple Leaves married two brothers, their cousins Red Delicious Apple (1455-) and Golden Delicious Apple (1453-) respectively.

(Sisters Apple Brown Betty, Apple Dumpling and Apple Leaves, photos taken at 1502 Apple Family Reunion)

Melanie Rose and Tangelo Orange had three children: Macintosh ("Big Mac") Apple (1474-), Abigail Jacqueline ("Applejack") Apple (1478-) and Bloom ("Apple Bloom the Younger") Apple (1490-). These are the Sweet Apple Acre Siblings, who figure so prominently in the history of the Shadow Wars.

V. Some More Apples

Apple Brown Betty had by her lover Wanderlust two children, Baked ("Half-Baked") Apple (1467-) and Apple Cider (1469-). By her husband Apple Split she had at least five children: Candace ("Candy") Apples (1474-), Caramella (aka "Apple Bumpkin," "Apple Dazzle") Apple (1482-), Red ("Crimson") Gala Apple (1484-), Magdalena ("Maggie") Apple (1486-) and Sweetie ("Sweet Tooth") Apple (1494-). Apple Brown Betty holds the Brown Apple Farm northeast of Ponyville.

Apple Dumpling had by her husband Red Delicious at least three children: Florina, Brown Sugar and Red June. Apple Leaves had by her husband Golden Delicious at least eight children: oldest Apple Squash, youngest Apple Tart, and six more in between). The "Apple Dumpling Gang" holds a farm hundreds of miles northwest of Ponyville.


The Apple tree bears many fruit!


I have no words to describe how beautiful this is. Someone who's even more addicted, interested and loving of the Apple Family than I am.

Way to go Apple Clan.

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