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Hello, and welcome all to The Brony Rappers Group. GrandMastaSoul and I made this group hoping to find young and old MC's willing to spit whatever is on their mind on the threads. If you're feeling down, or just wanna spit some hardcore rhymes, go ahead and step up to the virtual mic! Even though this is a rap group, you don't always have to rap, you can talk about other things. Like, discussing who has a better flow, the hardest lyrics you have ever heard, or just about life. So, if you're willing to join and destroy a couple of challengers, then come on in and step up!

Thread Rules:
But even though this is a Rap group, where people can lyrically destroy each other with no mercy, there are a couple of rules that have to be followed. Rules are pretty simple, and they are-
-If there is a disagreement in the comment section, resolve it by smashing each other in a Rap Battle. (optional, though backing out is cowardly.)
-if a person is here to talk about their life, do not diss them. The threads isn't all just Rap Battles, sometimes, homies need to vent, and ripping them on a mic if they are going through a bad time is unacceptable. We are all rappers here, we've all been through some things in our lives.

There isn't many thread rules, but still, they gotta be followed. Well, accept the first one. I mean, if you wanna back-out on a Rap Battle, that's all you, homie.

Rap Battle Rules:

-Who ever has the most likes in their comment wins the rap battle. If there is a disagreement, a rematch is allowed. There are two rounds. If both battlers spit mad flow on the third round(the Rematch Round), then it is a tie. But in order for this to happen, they need an equal amount of likes.
-Each battler has to post two verses each. For example, 1 goes first, then comes 2. 1 spits back, and 2 retaliates. The verses can be as long as it can be.
-If two battlers are in a match, the reader cannot interfere. If this happens, you will have all the rappers diss you if you diss them. Gotta keep the balance, so don't enter an argument between two battlers!
-Anything is allowed. If the person is offended, and I mean really offended, the rapper who is offended has the right to end the rap battle. Sadly, the winner will win by default.

Group Activities(More to come in the future.)
-Rap Battles
-Discussion Threads

Now, get go hard on the mic, rip em' a new one!

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