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Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

2994546 It's this supposed to be a joke? EQG 2 is not even out yet and they already prepared a freaking 3°!?
Ok, im really starting thinking that we should hunt down those drones who keeps giving Hasbro the excuse to make this crap. This is embrarassing, this is frikking retarded!
What else are they gonna made in the 3° ? A freaking American Pie movie like?
:flutterrage: :twilightangry2:

Edit: I think it's a good topic for Equestria Girls never happend.

2994546 This is sad I don't think I can do it anymore, I'm not a brony anymore. I compared EG to Call of Duty but it's worse at least with Call of Duty it gets released first before a new one is announced. Hasbro is a joke company IMO it's pathetic. This is telling people that Hasbro thinks very little of its audience. The sad part is they the audience is too stupid to realize this.

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

2994925 Who knows, maybe this time around people will be smart. Not everyone, but most part.

2994546 It had come to bad to worse to I don't know what the F***K is going on!

2994956 I doubt that I was already called a Faustitards for saying something negative, people wonder why I hate this fandom. :facehoof:

Hasbro if you wanted a doll to rivil Monster High or Bratz, why not use that doll line Laura had an idea for. Galaxy Girls I think it was called.

Here is why they keep making these damn Equestria Girls movies. They are popular. The target audience loves them and it seems like a decent chunk of the fandom likes them as well. That is the number one problem. If people in our fandom would quit supporting EG, quit going to the damn movies, quit buying the DVDs and quit buying EG merchandise Hasbro would notice when those movies would start to cost more money to make than profit they generate. I have actually posted things on a MLP fan page I run about boycotting EG but the only thing that happens with that is I get a lot of pissy people and a bunch of unlikes. Until a good 80%+ of this fandom says that they've had enough EG, we will continue to be bombarded with it and they will continue to roll them off the assembly lines like Model Ts. All I can say is try to turn fellow MLP fans against Equestria Girls in any way possible. Hell if you know how to do it, brainwash them. Unfortunately little girls love high school drama crap like that so swaying them would be impossible.

You know what.

It's the fandoms fault.

Those stupid fucking morons somehow liked that first piece of shit. They loved the scene where Twilight gave up her friends and all of Equestria for a shitty highschool, undermining the purpose of the ENTIRE SHOW, they loved Flash Sentry, they loved everything....

The analysis community is BROKEN. This movie is and always will be MLP's equivalent to Batman and Robin, and yet it gets UNDESERVED PRAISE.

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

4234636 You mean the part where she is also so stupid to not notice how the hammer would not break the portal or the part where she waste precious minutes to dancing with the guy she knew for about 10 minutes at best despite the fact the portal had a time limit?

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