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Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

Be so bad that actually wake up the drones?
Or they will keep thinking that is allright to have even MORE highschool clichè for a book that is?

2836309 I think it will. Just check Equestria Daily

2836309 Honest opinion? I have a bad feeling it will feature Ass Entry and his buddies who will become pointless and beautified love interest for other humanized mane six....:pinkiecrazy:

2836309 Definitley, unless they do a scene similar like this.

Then I would find it a tiniy bit slightly bareable.

We don't need some "Official" movie. We can make our movie. and it can positive morals, and mature themes and be a musical and have a controversial scene or character and have villain that's threatening and no to few cliches and etc.

2836331 Whats going on at ED? I don't usually go there.

2836999 I'll send you the links later, but the (supposedly) upcoming movie is called "Rainbow Rocks" Bleh :pinkiesick:

Can we make Flash Sentry act like a gigantic douche who thinks he's God's gift to girls and Twilight has to continually fight off his stalkerish advances?

If we find place for him then yes. and we can kill him or torture him

And maybe have the Mane 6 saying "That's stupid!" and doing the complete opposite when they're told to do something stupid?

2836999 the majority of the commenters there are hating the idea. Which I find surprising.

As opposed to derpibooru, where they're "Lolz so enthused!!!" And any criticism is quickly shouted down.

2845502 Really? Well I gained a bit of respect for this fandom. As for derpibooru I never liked the people there and I never rad the comments on any picture.

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