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Sense we all think Equestria Girls is a bad idea. Lets have some fun a make up trailers for pony movie ideas of our own. Let me go first.

in a world at peace.(see Canterlot) An evil of old seeks to disrupt it.(A cloak figure approaches a sleeping Twilight. wakes and action happens). Now Twilight and her friends must embark on their most dangerous adventure yet.
Watch as the battle meet new friends.(a spider helping Fluttershy, an albino imp hitting on Pinkie, and a flying ball talking to Twilight)new foes(shows Rainbow and Applejack fighting a fat guy, Fluttershy getting chased by a sick man, Rarity getting harassed by a Skeleton), and learn about Friendship and more.
And can Twilight defeat her most vile opponent yet?
Villain: You think you can be like Celestia, don't you? You can start by losing your friends.
And as you watch the only question you'll ask is: "How they this get a G rating?"

"My Little Pony: Trial of Friendship"
Minotaur: "'I'm Princess Luna. and I became evil because no one loved me. Wah wah. Hahahaha"(Gets hit in the face)"OWW.What was that for?!"
Twilight: :twilightangry2:"Because I felt like it."
Coming 2XXX

Video links and pictures are welcomed. and have fun

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