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Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

If yes, why. If not, who can be even worst than her? :twilightoops:

I still haven't seen the movie so I can't have a real opinion on her so I'll just say Queen Chrysalis. I don't care what people say, she's the worst villain in the worst episode, and no I'm not letting that go.


Definitely worst.

All the villains have their downsides yes.

- Nightmare Moon is arrogant. Not to mention her plan pretty much dooms equestria to a forever winter (unless it's like in most NMM wins fics where she creates a not-sun to keep the ponies warm and stuff. But that's doubtful.) But at least her plan is feasible. She could have accomplished it given the chance.

- Discord only had one weakness: one single shining second of stupid (he didn't notice the ponies were back to full colors). Beyond that however he was great. Not only was his plan for takeover feasible... he actually accomplished it.

- Chrysalis has roughly the same problem as NMM. Her execution worked well enough, she had the heros right where she wanted them the whole time (sans twilight, who she took care of well enough.) and the infiltration plan worked. But like NMM She got arrogant and got defeated in a blind moment (noticing a pattern yet?). Not to mention her end goal was rather counter-productive. Since changelings need love what's the point of an invasion? Admittedly that's not really explained and there are some fan explanations for it. But counter-productive or not, it did actually work: her minions were more than a match for the ponies.

- Sombra.... was.... um.... bland. He just didn't get enough screen time (And paradoxically gave him too much screen the wrong place. They lumped a bunch of exposition about him in one single scene and then ignored him until the last few minutes). So there really isn't much to say about him.

Then there's sunset shitter.

She promises a good start, she successfully steals twilight's crown, was celestias student. So we'll get a villian that's twilight's opposite, a Moriarty to Twilight's Holmes, right?

.... no. Instead what we get is "generic high school alpha bitch." Her plans not only fail/backfire badly, they're counter productive to begin with. She doesn't out think twilight sparkle or manipulate her or her friends in any way (only way she comes close is by making some shoddy pics of twilight wrecking a gym. However, even that's resolved extremely fast and has more to do with the fact that VP Luna is an utter dunce than any real genious on Sunshit's part. Not to mention her plan at the end is so unfeasable so utterly rediculous that even the hasdrones wonder if that was her true plan all along, or just something she pulled out of her ass because crown corruption.
And of course she's defeated in the most ass pulling way possible. And has the quickest villian-hero turn around of any villian that it's just plain sad.

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

2570896 About Sombra, he may not be as charismatic as Discord or Chrysalis, but sure nobody can deny that he knows how to make plans. I say that he may actually be the smartest of the villains of this series.
He was always one step ahead of the Mane 6, placing traps that could have stopped Twilight to get the Crystal Heart. The only reason such traps failed is that he didn't consider it that Spike was with Twilight.
He can block the unicorn magics, he is actually evil enough to actually kill and dosen't mess around when he is about to win. And, again, he was THIS close to actually win, it was only by fast thoughts that he was stopped.
Also, i have a theory of why Celestia didn't think to give Twilight and co the elements of Harmony. Sombra can corrupt things, that's why the Crystal Heart is so important. What if he could actually corrupt the elements of Harmony? :twilightoops:
I sure hope that he will come back, i mean, he is supposed to be the Sauron of MLP. And Sauron was no slouch.

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