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2543601 I've never liked MLD. I think it's a pretentious fic.

2545145 Pretentious
I think MLD is pretentious (and overrated) because it's about a father raising his daughter and when said daughter is old enough, she leaves. The protagonist should have been proud of her, not so sad because she left. I shed no tears because the "sad" scenes of the fic were some of the most pretentious ones I've read.

2548311 The only thing that I actually found sad (actually because the fic didn't make it pretentious) is the fact RD lost ALL the memories of her "father".

2548327 "Memories are the real pain.. they happened, they'll resurface and they keep coming back...."

2548350 Once you've gotten over things that "hurt" you because they are memories of something or someone that meant everything to you, but you lost them, they are no longer painful. You're so glad to remember them. Getting over them is a matter of time.

Pretentious or not it's still leagues better than EQG.

2548688 I don't like it when people reply to me only with images.

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