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IMO Lauren is a better writer than Meghan is and I honestly think it would have been a lot better if she wrote it instead of Meghan. It probably wouldn't have been so damn cliche and it would of had more originality too it.

Don't get me wrong I like Meghan and all but I just feel that Lauren would have done her series better.

That depends. would it still be a commercial to sell toys in a high school setting

2301497 my brain exploded relishing that Megan wrote this. After so many great episodes...

Azrael the alicorn
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2301497 Yeah, Meghan is good, but Lauren is better.
But no, i don't think that EQG would have been better if it was Lauren instead of Meghan. The main problem with EQG is that who made it didn't give a crap about the job.

2301497 EQG wouldn't have happened if Lauren was at the helm of MLP FiM.

2301497 Lauren Faust didn't want humans to be any part of MLP so EG never would have come into existence.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 7
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