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Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

I was wondering how people see Sunset evolution through this 3 movies. Even though many people for some reason think she's an awesome character I, like many others here, think otherwise.
Now, there have been 3 movies about EQG and in each one Sunset became a different character. The question is: whatever or not do you like Sunset, do you think that her evolution worked out and made her a more deep character?

One thing we can be thankful for is that she wasn't easily forgiven.

4872052 No, her evolution is ass. And people like her for the same reason they like Fluttershy.

4872094 Except ketchup-mustard hair girl doesn't have what makes Fluttershy loved so much.

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

4872179 Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that :pinkiehappy: .

4872092 It would be a positive thing, if it didn't brought the whole "I am changed! Love me please love meee" thing in RR, which didn't helped her character to grow but, instead, it took a 180 turn from being a complete evil cunt to a poor unfortunate soul who didn't knew nothing about friendship despite the fact that she was Celestia's pupil.

True, but is it better or worse than "Well, you've treated us like crap for years, mentally enslaved us, planned to make us your personal army to conquer another world...d'aww, sure we forgive ya!"

4872892 But it's all about love and tolerance. :trollestia:

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

4872892 Eh, my problems comes how they shove this thing over and over again. It gets quite annoying, especcially the ones who keep bringing this up are the HuMane 5.

Sunset Shimmer's evolution is the worst.
Her character development is a sort of bad joke to Twilight's character,in these three movies.
Twilight learned to be herself and accept others's friendship just after three seasons without any songs for put her in the spotlight of the situation and she never did the drama queen for such a lowercase problem.(and she still learns and does wrong decisions,thought.).Sunset,nope.She gets , and still has , all the spotlight with three songs and getting "griffon's wings",she change personality everytime and her personalities,of course, are all annoying.In the first EG she was a typical bully-popoular high school girl that turn into a demon , just five minutes later she turn in a poor and miserable girl that never had friends "becuz nobody loved me!1!" Yeah,Sunset,we all know your sad past.
In EG 2 she was a Fluttershy 2.0, gets the Twilight's ability to control a situation and without her sing ,the mane 6 wouldn't be able to destroy ... seaponies((..?Really?powerless seaponies with "evil magic" pendants?Really Hasbro?)) and she also can play the guitar!Fine.
In EG 3 she was a know-it-all selfish smartass that can controll the magic of friendship with a scientific machine, a Scientific Machine :facehoof: .
After she did the butthurt with a real asocial girl that never meets with the outside world ,Hasbro made the other Twilight becoming an evil character just for make Sunset turn into a God.How funny ,from a demon into a God.
So,yes,her evolution is pretty trash.
Now what?She will be an alicorn princess in EG 4?I wouldn't be surprised.

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

Can't believe I missed this message for 4 darn years.
You raise a lot of good points.

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