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Azrael the alicorn
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So, I've just read MovieMaster review in his multi-review blog. I got to say, I don't even know how im supposed to feel right now.
An Equestria Girls movie being good? :twilightoops:
I guess I should be happy that they are actually improving something, but im also angry because it's sad that while the main show is struggling to stay at decent levels EQG is getting more and more good. And im also worried for, if EQG keeps getting more attention the whole show is going to get overshadow from it and writers are not going to give to much effort.
What do you think about it?

I personally think that season five has had several spectacular episodes....the quality of the show is not going down in my opinion. Regarding Equestria Girls, the movie was ok....the only real good part was when Twily transformed into Midnight Sparkle and the movie would have been spectacular had she WON. Twily should have won and destroyed that portal....enslaved the world of humans and everyone lived happily ever after.

I'm still wondering why the (presumably US) government hasn't declared the entire area a quarantine zone after all the weird shit that's happened there.

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

4741540 What are your thoughts of the movie?

Who cares?
... I haven't even bothered with the second one, let alone the third one.

Still another mary sunshit :ajbemused: .She isn't just annoying on how the fandom hiper hyped on her ,but in this movie she was so unsupportable , smartass, the "leader" know-it-all and boring.I don't understand how the fandom can love a character like her :facehoof: .Seriously,EG lack of originality and i don't see it as a human mlp,at all.Hope after that ,they'll not do another EG ,because ,really,in the name of the haters and lovers of this spin-off,after this movie,i don't think the cast will make another one.
EG lover:"Well,maybe they'll do another and better EG because of the little fail of this last movie" .Yeah but EG it's just :"High school,Sunshit,flashwaifu , bg humans fanservice and monster high" .This spin-off is so stereotype that can't be better or have good ideas for be original.

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