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Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

I was just thinking that it was weird that there wasn't anything about EQG 3 yet. And then this thing showed up and ruined my day :facehoof:

4517106 Am i the only one who can't see """""Twilight""""" like our Twilight :fluttercry: ?Really ,this film is horrible.Just how?How can it take off our Twilight ?:applecry: hope this film will die!Thank God,i don't take this no-mlp seriously,it's just a cruel spin-off:trixieshiftleft:

4517106 Goodness gracious, that was horrible! I need to see this done right to feel better.

Much better :twilightsmile:

Oh... no!


To be honest, what's the point of even getting angry about it. I mean we knew it was going to come and we all knew it was going to be terrible and shoot us in the heart.

I'm not even planning to see the movie. I'm DEFINITELY not going to be seeing it in theaters, and there are much more productive things I'd rather being doing when it airs than watch a crappy, insulting, spin off of a great show.

The saddest thing is that everyone on EQD seems to be completely and utterly hyped.

On MLP Forums, DQ said this. He is falling down the slippery slope of becoming a drone.

Dark Qiviut

Even though I'm very ardent against EQG, this trailer is impressive. One thing this has that the previous ones lack was adrenaline. There's some level of excitement in this trailer, which will make people want to see it. The problem I have with it is how some content (particularly EQG!Twilight's role in the Games) is partially spoiled.

4517140 And thus the cool potential human Twilight had vanished, we really didn't needed a Fluttershy 3.0 :facehoof:

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

4517311 Good thing I have Unfollowed him here.

4517338 I think that writers knows that Fluttershy is one of the most loved of the Mane 6 by a large part of the fandom so they copy and past her character to other ones so they don't have to worry about giving the characters an unique way to act.

4517521 Of course, next thing you know the plot of the FIM movie will somehow include an army of Fluttershy :ajbemused:


Why do people consider Sunset a Flutteshy clone?

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

4517549 I fear that it will come out something like Transformers. :raritydespair:

4517564 for sure ,i don't find her cute:rainbowlaugh:

4521006 Yeah, she's just a Mary Sue.

Seriously, I have to wonder at this point why that school is still operating with all that otherworldly shit going on there in full view of everyone. You think by now they'd have it quarantined and turned into Area 51 two-point-oh.
Especially if it's the US.

4521040 Still don't understand why people don't notice it,well,they don't want to notice it :trixieshiftright:

Azrael the alicorn
Group Admin

4521047 Indeed, is not like they are doing something to keep it a secret either. The fact that, what a twist, only Human Twilight find out about this is bullshit.

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