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Here's my OC bio for a quick reference: OC Monotone
Now you may ask him anything and I'll answer in character.

Hmhmhm. What is your worst fear?

4552625 My realest fear is being stung by a wasp. I have many social fears, but my biggest one is confrontation.

4552636 Social fears, hm? Care to elaborate on that?

4552662 I um... am deathly afraid of physical contact with sexual intent... Also rejection, criticism, and being an outcast. Having different opinions from a group often terrifies me, in most social situations I become a nervous puppet.

4552671 Have you been sexually abused?

4552671 Humph. A bit of an introvert, are we? Well then. Tell me this; what would you say is your most comfortable environment?

4552673 Verbally, yes. Have I been groped in certain ways I wasn't comfortable with? Yes. Thankfully though, I have not been forced to undergo sexual intercourse. Although I dread the possibility to this day.

4552674 Anywhere alone I guess, with something to take my mind of things. Even more comfortable though, is having a good time with ponies I have formed a trusting loving relationship with.

4552698 A loner that prefers to confide in others. Hurm. What kind of person would be most likely to build trust with you?

4552702 Somepony who is kind and gentle. Somepony who is soothing and trustworthy. Somepony I have never had any bad experiences with.

Dick size. Go.

4552708 I see. May I ask why you are so untrusting of others?

4552767 Because they hurt you and use you and spit you out... Leaving nothing but an empty shell.

4552770 Hm. Right you are. Answer me this; do you believe in absolute good and absolute evil? A sort of black-and-white morality outlook?

4552778 No way. I believe some ponies do bad things unintentionally but are really good inside. I also believe some ponies do good things but have evil intentions.

4553000 Well now. Tell me, what is your most frequent nightmare?

4553181 I'm in my room; it's dark, and as I try to get to the door it keeps getting farther and farther away. Then everything fades away and I fall into the ground.

4553598 Interesting. Would you like me to change that? Hmhmhm...HAHAHAHA!

4552625 We should start this up again.

4622387 Not a bad idea, pally. :D

4622502 Do you fear death? Hmhmhmhm...

4622506 No, I believe death is 100% natural.

4622516 Hm...but do you fear...pain?

4622528 Yes, both physical and emotional.

Hmm... so...what about unending pain? You don't fear death, so what if it never comes?

4622544 That would be unsettling.

4623469 Unsettling? Hm. I think you're holding back your true fear...

4623578 My true fear is being hated by everypony.

4623584 Hmhmhmhm...that can be arranged.

4623586 How do you suppose you'll arrange that?

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