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No wait, no worries, no hassle.

The (Other) Proofreading Group


1: Don't be a troll or hater.

2: Be willing to help.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WAYS TO ASK FOR HELP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1: PM your choice of proofreader.

2: Make a thread requesting help (NSFW fics are allowed label it to the title).

3: Comment on your choice of proofreader's user page.

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Need a proofreader plz:moustache:

Can somepony help me with my grammar for my story.

I have dyslexia and I don't have good grammar help

Hello! Can you proof read my first chapter?

I am new to FimFiction and I am writing a story but I would like to have feedback before I start submitting it. Could I have a proofreader? Just PM me please.

Need a proofreader for my first NSFW story please pm me on my profile or at

Hello everyone, ive completed my first mlp fanfic ever but I cant get it online because It doesnt get approved. Im from The netherlands and english is not my main language. If I resubmit It again It will be deleted if its not good enough. If somebody would be kind enough to help me I would really apreciate It. Please pm me or contact me on my email:

Thanks in advance: RDCD :rainbowkiss:

Can someone please help me with a story I'm working on? It has Jesus in it, so it is a religious-themed story. Please, PM me if willing to help, thanks and God bless :twilightsmile:

I need some help with proofreading pls PM me. :ajbemused:

If anyone is willing to help me, feel free to PM or something. Im new, so yeah.

Proof reading help :twilightsmile:


NSFW i need help:raritycry::raritydespair:

  • Viewing 1 - 14 of 14
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