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Erratic, stupid, idiotic, silly...

The list goes on and on. Describing words that tell a story, and explains what we dislike, hate, or down right despise. They're everywhere. In your blog posts, cramming up space on Site News posts, on your comments box, in your stories, and looming around in group threads. They bitch, and complain, and cry about site changes. They don't like the way a story's going, or want to know why the sexiness has yet to commence. And all you wanna do is tell them, "Shut the hell up," but then, that makes YOU the bad guy.

This group is made for people who can't stand whiny users, be them readers, writers, or whatever. If they're complaining about frivolous crap that they know nothing about, and it's bothering you, this might be a safe haven away from such despicable things.


*Don't complain about frivolous shit

*Complain about users that are either, or have been complaining about frivolous shit

*Respect one another, and have some morals. Or, don't be a dick

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Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

i have found a place where I belong, cuz most users are complaining little jerks that only say something is bad instead of saying what could be improved upon

This is heaven

Yes. I absolutely hate myself.

Someone dedicated a group to me? Awesome!

A haven? Those exist on the internet? Oh, happy day! *playing track of thunderous applause* I am already loving this group.

Doesn't everypony hate whiny users?

This group was made for me.

  • Viewing 1 - 9 of 9
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