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These are stories about all your favorite games... but with ponies!

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336559 hey i need you to help me when u get back from your dads i need to get my bio on my pony done and u are the only one i can trust to help me

could shure use the help on posting a little bio on my pony

That's the understatment of the year. Almost changed my view of pinkie totally I had to watch the video smile at least 20 times in a row to get rid of the image that was implanted in my head of her so never again will I read anything of creepypasta ever.:pinkiecrazy::applejackconfused::facehoof::twilightangry2::pinkiecrazy:

335004 there was a story a bout cupcakes that creepypasta did it all most rund my little pony for him

334737 that is ok just don't let fullmoon gamer see it

334713 It's terrible it's about Pinkie Pie teaching her daughter how to make cupcakes(creepypasta)

334626 nice cant wait to read it

334606 Good I am writing a story right now.

334509 hi how are u how are the storys coming a long

does any one know who bill clition on here

334262 ok what do u want to talk a bout

334262 ok what do u want to talk a bout

333986 i am here sorry if i was not online i have on internet at my house i have to go into town and use star bucks wi fi

Comment posted by Shadow_Star_2013 deleted Oct 26th, 2013

333912 sorry i was not back on line i had to go home and i have no internet i use star bucks wi fi

Shadow u here?

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