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I have no authority, really, in doing these kind of threads, but I suppose I'll go with this 'official sounding' title and write out my thoughts.

I did... poorly. Maybe it's not complete shit, but my wooden ladle and green ribbon can attest to you that it is, indeed, complete shit.

I had typed out the story in a rush. I wanted to try to create a fantastic story within the time span of half of what had been given and gave myself a terrible idea to go with, leaving my brain to just poop all over itself with an idea that should not have been written in the first place. It was an idea that I already had some doubt with in the beginning, though I pressed on as I was still sure of the idea myself. (And if you're wondering, yes: I am half-way sympathetic of the main character of my fanfic, however small that level of sympathy may be)

Then there's the story telling that I did. Utterly terrible writing, it appeared, on consideration that I had written mostly with emotions spelt out like the people who were reading it were toddlers or something and the fact that I had so many goddamn holes to fill that it could've been longer than the damn story itself had I filled them in.

But nooooo, I insisted on finishing the damn thing than actually making it good, thinking myself too highly as a writer. Surrrrreeeeee...

Oh, and the worst part about it? Better ideas surfaced into my head the moment I actually thought about it. Harder. :facehoof:

And there's also the fact that I had decided to play Minecraft. Look how well that turned out.
And during the voting time, I roleplayed. Look how well that turned out. (On the bright side, I suppose I have some new ideas for stories based around some of the things that occurred in it)
Overall, during these times, it seems that the only thing I can eat, breath and sleep in order to actually do it well is writing and reading. To be fair, I like doing both, it's just that I tend to pile it up with too many other activities as well.

I also want to say thank you to those who didn't finish in time, though, for giving me another valuable pointer.
The fact that instead of sticking it out all the way with potential for disaster due to minimal time, you told yourself to stop halfway, is something that I need to tell myself when I do things.
And this is coming from a person who technically had more than enough time on his hands.

Well, continuing on my stupid, hormone-fueled depression, let's hope that I do not screw up as badly the next time around and completely disregard everything I've said here ever.

And that's my takeaway from this event. What was yours?

That double submitting is apparently okay, and that makes me sad :pinkiesad2:

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I'm goddamn offended mine didn't win "Most Controversial" and I don't care who knows it.

Bullshit, is what that is.

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2492713 Eh. It appears that "Most contraversial" can sometimes correlate with "Worst". Mine fits in that category. So does Memories and A Mare and Her Thoughts.

Yours did get fifth, though, in that respects.

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Most Controversial is actually something you can wear with pride. You came in last, but your story had the most variation in votes, meaning it wasn't universally panned.

I hope you enjoyed your first writeoff and aren't too scared off by those of us who've been doing this for a while. :) Read the reviews people left on other stories to see what worked and what didn't, keep writing, and I hope to see you back for the next one.

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