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I have zero idea what you're talking about. I understand why you want a limit of 1000 words, and I stated explicitly what that reason was. I haven't made a slippery slope argument at all. And how am I putting words in your mouth? You said:

There's a difference between adding five words and adding two hundred fifty words.

And I referred to you saying that adding 5 words wasn't a big deal. How have I misrepresented you?

Group Admin

It’s been quite a long time since this discussion was active. Reading it again, I can’t help but regret that it seemed like there was willingness to try a slightly increased limit of 900 until the broader conversation wobbled in other directions.

For unrelated reasons, I’ve struggled to maintain consistent Writeoff participation over the last ~9 months. However, I still feel that there would be benefits to exploring the limit of 900. So, at risk of dragging a dead thread back up from the depths, I’ll just ask straight-up: could we still give 900 a whirl sometime?

Conversely: Pasco mentioned that there might be options for other people to host events through the Writeoff site. If there isn’t current willingness to consider the 900 limit again, may I ask about the process & feasibility of hosting my own custom-length Ponyfic event through the site?

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I've very nearly finished a feature that will enable people to make their own events.

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Excellent! Thank you, and I would love to hear more as this moves closer to availability.

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