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TheJediMasterEd posts Dethklok videos now and then, which led me today to this:

(skip to 1:45; start-at-time doesn't work on fimfiction)

Compare to this Kansas song from 1975:

(skip to 3:40)

The first video has the same baroque and classical influence, same vague narrative rather than versal structure to the song, same Wagnerian attitude, same emphasis on long guitar riffs, and same guitar tone as some 1970s Kansas instrumental pieces, and the same visual aesthetics as Kansas album covers.

You can also hear a little there of Kansas' "wall of sound" effect, achieved not by being loud or rapid but by using lots of baroque counterpoint, like in a Bach organ fugue. You can hear it better in "Miracles Out of Nowhere" from 2:22-3:54:

To me it sounds similar to the metal "wall of sound" effect, which is gotten more by just filling in as many of the spaces between the notes as is practical.



I don't know anything about death metal. (Kind of sad, since I used to live down the street from DC's biggest Swedish death metal club, but the bastards never started a show until after midnight, so I'd have had to stay up until 3AM to catch one.) So, what's the deal? Did early metalheads listen to Kansas? Is Dethklok not at all metal? The only connection I can find is that Kansas, the state where the band Kansas came from, is full of Swedes.

A little digging on Wikipedia says Swedish death metal is "melodic death metal". This article gives one guy's division of melodic death metal into 3 categories. Kansas seems closest to the second category, which he calls "Heavy metal with death metal technique", and uses this as an example of:

It sounds a little like Kansas, though more repetitive and with simpler harmonies and dynamics, with more minor chords and more-intrusive drums. The drums at 1:15 sound like the Kansas technique of ending a silence with a sudden loud drum beat that's slightly ahead of the beat, but I think they're actually on the beat here.

What do you think? Any connection?

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