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(I feel like I live under a rock for not realizing this sooner.)

Black Sabbath: 1968 - 2017
A personal speech from me on what Sabbath did for my life from June 12, 2013 (the day I became a metalhead ((2 days after their final album, 13, was released))) to today:
There was once a little boy, about the age of 12, going on 13. He was a little naive for other boys his age, and he wasn't even sure of what he wanted to do with his life. Then one day, he went on his dad's computer and did some looking around his music files, wondering why he liked what he did. On that day, the boy's life changed forever.
That boy (don't get any funny ideas from my choice of words) is currently the person writing this forum post.
Black Sabbath have touched nearly every aspect of my life. There's no mistaking it. As a metalhead who stays true to Metal's core values and even sound (at least in my eyes), I can say that Black Sabbath absolutely invented what we call Heavy Metal today. It was never Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple or some other band; it was Black Sabbath. As Metal continued to stretch to almost my entire life, I owe it all to Sabbath for starting the music genre that told me what I'll be doing with my life in finality, which is Metal singing. Metal has also changed my thinking, from a naive little boy to a mature teenager (in my eyes). These facts have more than earned Black Sabbath the title of my favorite band.
Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Motorhead, Quiet Riot, Sabaton, Metallica, Megadeth, Sonata Arctica, and thousands of other bands wouldn't have even existed (again, in my eyes) without Black Sabbath, including my future band: Judgement Day.
This whole group wouldn't have been created without Sabbath.
We, metalheads, every soul who enjoys Heavy Metal to some degree, owe so much to Black Sabbath for their legacy on Rock and especially Metal.

Rest in peace (or rather Purgatory), Black Sabbath. As long as Metal continues to be remembered in the hearts of headbangers, your legacy and memory shall never be forgotten, even as the four of you original members move on to the next life.
Yes, I said move on. Why?
Because legends don't die.

Mr Parenthisis
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I started listening to Sabbath mid 2010. I was a fan instantly and I saw them perform at Indianapolis, Indiana on their 'The End' Tour on September 2016. Even though Ozzy is 68, he was killing it.

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