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Hey, hey! Have you ever been bored? Wanted something to do? Maybe in the mood for some writing, idea-inventing, or contest-judging? Say no more! This is the group for you! In which in the threads one can create challenges or prompts for others to complete. Perhaps a contest or two once this group gets big enough...? Well, we'll see!

An example of a prompt:

The title of the thread would be "Prompts" or maybe "A Prompt" or anything to do with that. What it would say in the actual thread could look something like this:

Pony A is going on a walk and falls into a hole.


Pony B thinks about life.

An example of a challenge:

The title of the thread would be the same as prompts except about challenges.

Challenges are sort of like prompts, only they're typically a bit harder. Sometimes challenges are a phrase, a quote, or a line from a song that one has to write a fic based off of.

And I think we all know what contests are...:twilightsheepish:

So, interested in writing or creating prompts or challenges? Participating or judging for contests?

Join this group! :pinkiehappy:

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