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So I've been thinking of trying to write a story that is somewhat based off of this image:

However, when you compare the Fluttershy in this image to the other members of the Mane 6 in this image, the concept of Fluttershy as a changeling isn't all that interesting. Which is why I am asking this question. How would one make Fluttershy as a Changeling interesting?

Please leave your comments below.

Almost anything can be made interesting if you're willing to do the work.

What are bad changelings?
What do they do that would make them a threat?

They get in close and drain your emotions.

They kidnap ponies and put them in cocoons.
While they're in cocoons, the changelings bombard the poor prisoner's with stuff that causes
them to slowly go insane and or their hearts stop.
Why? Because they want the tasty tasty emotions.

Now, let's look at Fluttershy.
She likes being in the background.
Some one who sits in the background and watches.
You know she's smart.
Can you see why she would make a good spy?

Also you can tie in the saying, "It's always the quiet ones..."
Oh yeah, talky ponies love quiet ones because they have the perfect audience.
So this is how Fluttershy gets her info on what's going on in town.

Imagine being in the head of a cold and calculating changeling always trying to feed the hunger for more emotions.
Except that this creature is the soo cute Fluttershy.

By the way, this would be easier to do if you put yourself in the hooves of changeling fluttershy.
This story could also be done in third person.

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