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This group is for those of us that feel something when reading or writing about Foal Abuse. The righteous anger against the guilty, the sadness, sympathy, and pity for the victims, and the triumphant feels when somepony helps them out, and shows them what love and friendship is.

We also accept stories of foals of the street, the destitute and the desperate. Basically any young one in a heart string pulling-ly bad situation.

If your looking for a place to post your foalcon story, you've come to the WRONG place. I don't want to see any stories rated mature in here, understood? NO CLOP

This group in no way supports child/foal abuse. We do not accept stories that portray it in any other light than the terrible thing it is.

Articles of Law

Also, any artists out there willing to take a crack at our banner or icon, simply PM Templar22

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